Monsters of the Midway

A Campaign of Lost Magic in the 1930s Dustbowl

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Myles Schlesinger (NPC)

Myles is co-owner of the circus.  His first name is used instead of his last because "Shadwell & Schlesinger" was too long and Shadwell was easier to say.  People still call him Mr. Myles.  Started off a roustie, worked his way up, left the circus to work in films for a while, came back and purchased the failing circus with Mr. Shadwell as a backer.  His mission is to save and instruct those with abilities.  He sometimes uses the term his "calling".

He's 5'10", with slicked back black hair (probably artificially black), a thin mustache, and a pot belly.  He wears a gray suit and walks around with a conductor's baton.

QUOTE: "It's a baton, not a stick.  Given to me by the great Fitz Busch.  Point with a finger, someone might break it off, point with a baton, you're conducting.  In this case, conducting business."

Cyrana (NPC)

Quiet and reserved, Cyrana is actually Priscilla Dawes, a girl with an unusually long nose.  Her father read her Cyrano De Bergerac when she was a child and she named herself Cyrana for carny purposes.  She's otherwise very beautiful, it's just the nose that everyone notices.  She used to work in the Girly Show until a patron pulled her veil off and the men present made fun of her nose.  Now she works concessions as a butcher.

5'10", reddish brown hair, blue eyes.  No known abilities.  Low POW, Knows 1 spell:  Extinguish, which she learned after a minor fire a few years back.

QUOTE:  "Aint nobody care we're out here except when something goes wrong.  Then they come lookin' for someone to blame."





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