Monsters of the Midway

A Campaign of Lost Magic in the 1930s Dustbowl

From the Dust, A New Age

1934.  Five years after the stock market crash and America has yet to recover.  The mid-west has dried up, the topsoil swept away in terrible dust storms leaving the land barren. 

And the great pact has ended.  It's the early days of the rediscovery of magic.  Long restricted from doing harm through magic, the true violent and deadly nature of magic has been blunted.  The lack of true magicians has made the world vulnerable.  You show an affinity for magic or some trace lineage is apparent in your physiology that says that you may be a player in the war for the souls of humanity.  Misters Shadwell and Myles come to hide you from those who would keep humanity weak, and to help you hone your craft.

The Shadwell & Myles Circus travels the desolate landscape with a purpose unsuspected by those who come to partake of the traditional pleasures they advertise.  The best place to hide a freak of nature is among other freaks.  Thus they come calling upon the player character not long after he has discovered his own strange heritage.

You are an obvious freak, a skilled normal human being, a practitioner of minor prestidigitation, or simply a roustabout with a strong interest in keeping the world safe from the horrors that stalk us all.


The Amazing Rubber Skin Man!Rubber Skin Man