Monsters of the Midway

A Campaign of Lost Magic in the 1930s Dustbowl

Campaign Rules

This game has been changed form the original Hero System basis to instead employ Call of Cthulhu mechanics.  As such, nearly any version of CoC will work with it.  (I cobbled it together using a 5th Edition book and a 6th Edition PDF.

You will be working for a circus.  While you come with your own baggage, these are the jobs you'll ultimately end up doing:

  • Roustabout (Basic circus hand)
  • Oddity or Freak (Bearded Lady, Siamese Twin)
  • Performer (Acrobat, Sword Swallower, Contortionist)
  • Administration (Pretty much just Manager and maybe an accountant)

There is a LOT of overlap in these.  All able bodies are expected to assist in breaking down and putting up the facilities at each site.

The other decision you'll have to make is if you have special abilities or are normal.  Mind you, even normal people may be able to learn magic during the course of the game, but a select few are here because they naturally can do things that defy nature, and thus could be targets of public outrage.

Campaign Document (PDF Format)

Character Sheet (.DOC Format)

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