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BlueMilton (Alan) - BLUE ManaMilton

Milton is the son of Olsten, the owner of the Salty Dog. As a child he was known to be a recluse, generally preferring the company of books to that of people. When not reading he was skulking about the town poking his nose into things that were generally considered none of his business. He was also known to disappear for days on end, supposedly exploring, but never missing a day of his schooling or any of his chores.

It is understood that Milton had a falling out with is father about a year before the game starts. Few know the reason behind it. The two remain civil, and it’s obvious that they still care about each other, but those close to them know that there is something of a deep rift between them.

Milton is soft-spoken young man. He appears distracted most of the time. Player characters close to him will know that he is taken up in the world of things written in books and told of in stories. His wanderings around the town are almost always related to something he read, either in a town history book, or a collection of correspondences or any other such item, or out of town trying to find a something written in a book about rare flowers or trying to see if he can find a four-leaf clover and the ouphie that lives under it.

He is of average height, wiry of build. His pale hair is kept short and neat. He generally dresses plainly in well and often mended clothing with little attention to his appearance. Though soon enough he will start dressing like a he would want to dress if he were a hero in an old story.

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Priam Hawkwood

RedPriam Hawkwood (Darren) - RED Mana

Best known as "The guy who burned down the hawkwood family barn", Priam is best identified by two character traits.  One is his inability to concentrate and the other is his fiery temper.

Long recognized as part of the "in-crowd" of the community, he often takes the cooler kids out into the forest and uses his powers to blow up objects for fun and entertainment.

Priam is the son of Helia and Kade and grew up on the family farm inherited by his mother.  The relationship between Priam and Kade often seemed strained to outsiders for reasons unknown to the public.  Kade contracted a small cold that escalated, then he died in his sleep.  While Priam does some work on the family farm, responsibilities with the smithy, magical studies, and other responsibilities keep him away.  His uncle and cousins who own the neighboring farm regularly come over to assist.

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GreenJayden (Joe) - GREEN Mana

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BlackDorian (Mark) - BLACK Mana



Malachi (Roberth) - WHITE Mana



Grace (Michele) - BLACK Mana