Lord Ordin's keep
Leif Craster
Leif "How many fingers am I holding up" Craster

The Keepers

Finders, Losers, and Weepers enlisted by My Lord

Those With Assigned Duties:

Morning Star, Elven Bard

Morningstar was introduced to Lord Ordin about one week prior to the beginning of the campaign by the Priest of Ehlonna, named Orion (the same priest who removed Guzgurn’s curse). It was Lord Ordin himself who called her the “Laughing Warrior”. Morningstar is a beautiful (very high Charisma) Elf who almost glows, and is much taller than usual (6’ as opposed to 5’6” average) and thin. She has jet black hair and sparkling lavender eyes. She is always smiling and her eyes shine like stars. She is a perpetual optimist and her happiness is contagious. When other people would normally become angry, upset or afraid, she just smiles softly laughs as though she has some secret that keeps her forever joyous.

She usually wields a Great Axe in combat, but occasionally draws her great sword from her back. She also has a well-made bow, but wears no armor. She has very little equipment and seems to have little need for money. She sleeps less than most people and eats little. Instead, while not adventuring with the group she wanders around town talking to people, sometimes doing small good deeds like helping get stuck cats out of trees or finding lost sheep.

Khouzam, War Mage

Khouzam, known as “Zam” to his friends, was born to an army regular and his mother was a camp follower. Early on, his father taught him martial skills but he quickly learned that he had aptitude with magic. Combining these two qualities, he was given his formal education at the Baron’s War College of Magic.

Because Zam grew up with other army “brats”, his entire life has been spent in and around the military. The army is his life and home. He takes orders from his superiors and will lead if there is nobody else of superior rank present; but he does so reluctantly.

Zam rarely speaks about his family but when he’s drunk he will explain that his parents were killed by an Orc & Goblin invasion. His only remaining live relative is his sister in the city of Bristol on the coast. She has married a sea captain of a merchant ship and has 2 sons. Zam would like to visit his nephews more often than once a year but the army doesn’t allow long or many vacations.

Having been in the military, Zam is comfortable sleeping anywhere any time. This holds true for eating. Most times, Zam is eating or drinking something. If asked he will say “You never know when your next meal or sack time will come.”

Krayden Hooks
Krayden, Tattooed corpse
Etrin, Pimp Asassin

Etrin, Assassin

At just over six feet tall, Etrin’s thin frame hides shocking strength. His long black hair is usually allowed to flow freely, tied back or braided only for formal occasions. His face is not attractive, but his practiced ease and confidence make him appear more attractive than he really is. He is human and appears to be in his mid-twenties. He wears black while working, though he prefers dark red and black for formal dress. He wears black leather armor, carries a rapier and several daggers.

Before joining the group at Lord Ordin’s orders, it is known that he served duty in the city doing work that he will only describe as “nothing you would really care to know about.” There is little else that he will say about his own past. It will become obvious after spending enough time with him it will become obvious that he was educated and mannered in the high society of a human city.

Geadin Gyths, Druid-------------DECEASED/REINCARNATED

Geadin is a half-elf, though he has the appearance of a human. He’s about 5’ 10” tall and of average build and appearance. He tends to be dirty and unkempt, claiming that his scent it that of the forest and helps him blend in. His brown hair is long and his beard looks like a hedge. He carries a rough staff from a fallen tree. He travels with a large ape that he simply calls ape and a hawk that he calls Tallon. Obviously he is a simple man, but his green eyes have the unusual quality that they appear to be ancient while their owner is just 20 years old. Geadin has been working in the forests around the territory of Lord Ordin for about a year. His task has been to identify threats and deal with those that he can handle and report those that are beyond his skill. He freely admits that he chose to serve Ordin because he was the best of the worst as far as “civilized’ people go. He will never sacrifice what he believes in for Ordin.

Vernal Talin, Cleric -----------------DECEASED/REINCARNATED

A Cleric of St. Cuthbert

Guzgern, Dwaven Warrior--------DECEASED

Farewell, Dwarven Meat Shield.

Krayden, Human Monk-----------DECEASED

Originally of an evil monastic order, released into the world because of his inability to turn fully toward their beliefs and embrace evil, they felt that upon releasing him into the world he would again one day become a great evil.

He renounced his evil upbringing and died a hero.

Lady Haslett Roseblood, Swashbuckler

Alternating between fanciful dress and explorer's clothing, Lady Roseblood is attractive, with long light brown hair, blue eyes, and a congenial smile. She's quit obviously spent some time among aristocracy. Believed by some to be a refined lady and by others to be somewhat of a brigand, She is notable as the wife of the late Lord Maron Roseblood.

Lady Haslet Roseblood
Roseblood, in Battle Gown!

She is armed with a rapier and wears light leather armor or normal clothing when on the road. She's well-spoken and seems somewhat carefree on most matters.

Ashen Craster, Sorcerer

Ashen and Leif Craster entered Lord Ordin's stronghold several months prior to the beginning of the campaign. Few noticed Leif as all eyes were on Ashen. At the age of 23, he walked with a confidence atypical of one his age. Good-looking and charismatic, the men and women of the stronghold watched him warily as he walked down the street although, frankly, he took very little notice of them. Instead, he seemed to be watching without purpose until he suddenly turned into a tavern with a slight smile on his face.
Ashen spent the next few months inhabiting the local taverns. He quickly became friendly with the local men…and bit friendlier with a few of their wives. He also gained a reputation of a sorcerer of note because he was often overseen entertaining the local kids with small bits of magic and sleight-of-hand.

The night prior to the summons by Lord Ordin, Ashen was gambling with a local man with a questionable reputation. After a run of inordinate good luck, Ashen was accused of using his magics to ensorcer the dice. A bit of smooth talking did little to appease the accuser who decided to beat the magic out of Ashen with a mean looking dagger. By the time the local law officials entered the tavern – and they had not been far away – Ashen was leaving the tavern with a drink in hand. The accuser was laying unconscious on the ground with his clothes smoking suspiciously.

So, Ashen had to run to meet with Lord Ordin having just been released from an overnight stay behind bars. After seemingly half-listening to Ordin's speech, he accepted without question or reservation.

Ashen Craster
Ashen, Sorcerer and Bass Guitarist

Leif Craster, Thief

Leif walked several steps behind his younger brother when the two first entered Lord Ordin's keep. Although not exactly unremarkable, Leif often seemed so when in the company of his remarkably handsome brother. While many men would find this disconcerting, Leif actually appreciated the anonymity. Wearing light armor and no visible weapon, he didn't appear intimidating nor dangerous, which was a look he had been cultivating for a year now.

Upon entering the keep, Leif immediately entered himself into Ordin's employ. Showing an aptitude for numbers and scribing, he began assisting several of Ordin's personal aides. Although many of Ordin's men questioned Leif's alliances, their questions were put to rest by Ordin himself. It seems that Leif had forseen the possibility that trust may have been and issue and had sought out Lord Ordin immediately after accepting a position at the keep. Although Ordin was skeptical at first, Leif was able to convince him of his allegiance.

Unlike his brother, Leif is usually serious and reserved. In fact, the only time you see him smile is when his brother is goading him…and even then it is rare. He attends to everything around him even when in the safety of the keep. He is lithe, even when armored, and is almost unnaturally light on his feet. He carries a high-quality rapier at his belt and a crossbow across his back.

Gilda, Brutish Half-Orc Child

A truly scary youngster, Gilda tends to speak in short bursts, often with only a few syllables.  While still quite obviously a child, her disproportionate strength is astounding.  A brutal child who learned both the slightly more refined fighting techniques of her human ancestors and the simplistic bursts of berserk rage and chill-inspiring howls of her orcish ancestors.  While her human heritage is predominate, she's still little more than a confused child alternating between bemused and angry.





Morningstar, Happy Gothy Warrior

Murk, Brooding Adventurer

HT. 5’6” WT. 140 pounds AGE: 23 LOOKS: Black hair, light skin, black cloak and hood, dark brooding eyes.

Murk is the cousin of the famous Greyhawk adventurer Lurk. He is a quiet, dark individual who is nonetheless very efficient at "getting the job done". Though prone to emotional outbursts and intolerance when he sees what he views as incompetence.

He is also a survivor, not just with this group, but in other expeditions also. He is a jack o trades, relying mostly on skill, though he can apparently pull out some magic if he has to.

Rhynne Applegold, Drill Captain

Hailing from the small village of Greenbough, Rhynne began the unlikely climb up the military ladder when one of Lord Ordin's captains was witness to the combat skills of the well-drilled detachment of halfling troops he led.  Through Rhynne was reticent to abandon the troops he felt needed his strong hand, he was moved on by Lord Ordin to other human groups of troops, where he learned to command troops that were twice his height.

The need for a dedicated trainer has brought him to the Stronghold to bring the soldiers up to snuff.