(Alan) - "Twitch".  "Heavy weapons specialist".

He's 5' 6" tall. Dark, short, curly hair. Tan skin. Tends to be a bit fat, but is in good condition due to having spent several years at sea as a hard working sailor. He has scars and black pock marks on his face, neck, shoulders and right arm that you probably know came from some sort of childhood sickness. He also has taken some odd damage to his left hand fingers. The small finger and the one next too it look like they were chewed on by a large animal with very pointy teeth. The fingers twitch a bit whenever he's not concentrating on not allowing them to.

He uses a heavy crossbow and often spends time in a section of the crew quarters that he's blocked off with blankets and sailcloth.  Odd smells often come from behind the curtains and, only occasionally, small explosions.  He is the fixit man for the ship and is responsible for repairing all sorts of things, like armor, bows and other items that don't require heavy metalworking.

(Darren) - "Ratboy" (aka Migg the Ratboy), Male Human Ranger of Napan descent.

Often unable to make eye contact, he typically has his head lowered and his long stringy, greasy hair covers his face. He could be a handsome lad, but who could tell? He often smells and has been "baptized" by the crew on occasion in order to get the human and animal stink off of him. While he has spare clothing he almost always wears the same vest (shirtless).

(Jeff) - (name unknown)  Wizard

"...In his mid 20s, soft-spoken and quiet type, patient and highly vigilant."

(Jim) -

(Joe) - Gunter, Half Giant

...Gunther is 9' slouching and weighs a light 480 lbs naked (which he is far too often). Obviously a giant from Fenn, he has green eyes, curly black hair, and an easy grin that lightens his otherwise homely features. I used to be called the Sea Bear due to my size and man sweater, but Sojourner nicknamed me "Dainty" and it stuck. I'm so damn big that I have to sleep on deck, and they even have a special table for me at Smiley's that everyone calls the Dainty Throne.  Feel free to pull up a chair and worship a good pint. I'll even buy if you can come up with a good limerick.

Gunter wears a chain shirt and wields a massive great sword (although switches to a battle axe when in close quarters). He also uses a compound bow that he is particularly proud of.  He is usually the first to leap into battle and fights with an almost reckless sense of urgency.   He's surpringly dexterous for someone his size and knows his way around the ship.  It's fairly well known that he hopes to captain is own ship some day (which he talks about constantly when drunk...although he seems to rename it constantly with each name somehow incorporating the word Lancy. Recently, he's tossed around Lancy's Revenge, Lancy's Curves, and Lancy's Loss). 

(Mark) - "Brawler" (aka Sin)

His name is Sin (though ironically nicknamed Brawler by Sojourner).  He stands about 5’6” and is slight and quick.  He is young with black hair, light skin, big dark eyes with something of a wild or feral look about him. He wears studded leather and wields light weapons and a bow.   He is quiet and moody, usually sitting and listening to the other crew.  He works the sails and canvases and has been crewing for about a year.   


(Paul) -

(Robert) -

"...A little on the short side, curly red hair, dark green eyes, tanned. Well hung, but don't blame him, he was born this way. Lot's of ink, mostly ivy. "