Crypts & Bloods (Saturday, January 30, 2010)

Moving Targets:

  • Simon Moon (Robert)
  • Omeed Connelly (Jim)
  • Nathan Blank (Darren)
  • Gabriel Jones (Joe)
  • Hank Reardon (Alan)

Last game, Gabriel planted a suggestion in the gunman who tried to cut down a car full of us that he should go to our hotel alone. So it become necessary to call back to those who stayed behind and let them know what’s coming. We start making our way back, but we have to do a few things first (like abandon our blood soaked, bullet riddled, window shattered car) and walk a few blocks back.

The plan that is hatched meanwhile among those back at the hotel involves a test of scrying, and use of powers through the scry. The team sets up outside and when the gang member, Edgar Martinez, shows up, Omeed scrys on him, and then uses his telekinetic power to knock away his gun. He then tests another ability by essentially “tagging” the man so that he’s easier to find later on. Then everyone meets up and trails him back to his hangout, a cantina where he resides on the upper floor. According to Simon’s “aura vision” the upper floor is a decaying brown shade. According to Gabriel’s fate vision, strands of fate connect from all over the community to that building. An x-ray surveillance of the building has a few likely gang members, a few patrons downstairs, and a lower floor that is hard to see (with the roll I made).

Book Learnin’… We are working over the book of mystery and learn a few secrets. Chief among these is the ability to convert 1 pt of an ability temporarily into 3 pts of mana. This is big for us as it means that without a manse nearby we can replenish in some minor way. We do teach that particular one to Bill Gates, who is thrilled to know it. Nathan’s suspicion that Bill Gates is responsible for the disappearances of our people is allayed somewhat by a Fate-vision inspection of gates.

Cheatin’ Fate methods of trying to figure out our next step (do we rush the cantina, etc) fail, mostly because the GM in the sky says that makes it too easy. However he does manage to find out what time we should invade, if we opt to. Additionally, Omeed did some recon by teleporting in and stealing some of Edgar’s stuff, making him quite paranoid.

I’m trying to remember exactly where the failed interrogation came into this. I believe it was after the initial recon by omeed and before our insurgence into the cantina. Basically, Gabriel plants a suggestion in Edgar to go to a location. There, we seize him, which is not easy at all. He’s got more strength than any flunky should. But we get him and drag him back to a place where we can question him. Of course there’s this rift (you know the one, as it’s in the news all the time… it’s the rift smack dab between the people who think we should get info at any cost and those who thing we sacrifice our humanity by such an attitude) which prevents us from perhaps finding out everything we can, but we do well enough, I guess. Seems he works for a woman named Jennifer Luna.

Then there’s the guy following us. Well, maybe not us. But he’s around a lot. Sullivan Dane (No relation to Darren Sullivan, I think) is a vampire-hunter, former agency man, who says that Jennifer Luna (though I think we supplied him the name) is a vampire. From what we can tell, the drugs running around are so addictive because her blood is being infused into the drug.

We work with the vamp hunter to devise and invasion of the cantina. Fate give us our most optimal time, and to add to it, Simon calls Edgar and tells him that he’s an ally and that our group is in Arizona and that he should strike now with all his friends, while simultaneously Gabriel plants a suggestion that the caller can be trusted. Edgar rushes out of the place with all his friends, leaving the place low on people right at sunrise. We rush in and find a few druggies, and the vampire in her room literally sleeping like the dead. We throw a body bag on her and take her away for interrogation.

Interrogation fails when she attempts to suggest to the group that they release her, only to have Hank and Ryan agree. Dane returns the stake to her chest, they snap out of it, and we cook her. Also, she had a letter on the premises when we abducted her. It noted that there was a Blood Hunt coming up soon. Said blood hunt would be at Magic Mountain, in about 3 weeks, and that “Salvador” had some interesting “bunnies”, and it was signed by “Gloria”. Our first suspicion is that our people are the ones held captive. We’ve spent the time since then preparing ourselves by learning more from the book.

It’s 3 days from the Blood Hunt.