Primals Parliamentary Procedure (Saturday, April 10, 2004)

"...It was therefore concluded that votes should be registered
equally by all men and women and should be combined with
2/3 of all retainers except if vetoed by dissenting voters who are
not elderly scientists..."
-Minutes of the previous Primal Parliament

Attendees of Congress: Simon, Omeed, Jack, Dodge, Christine, Nathan, and Ryan.

We began by deciding what to do next. Like most congresses we recessed for a week and dispersed back to whatever place would have you, all in preperation for the evil that would be Cairo. (Nathan showed his retainer the sights of NY and probably atteneded a Yankee game, just to cheer against them. Which gives me an excuse to use one of my favorite quotes, by Bill Simmons of ESPN.COM: "Cheering for the Yankees is liking cheering for the House in Blackjack").

Upon our week's conclusion we reassembled to dedicate ourselves to stomping out evil wherever it may be in Egypt. Which was something we were unclear about. Exactly what were we going to Egypt to do? So our fellows FedExed a half ton of equipment in several shipments and arrived before hand to receive it. Then fanned out and attacked the city.

Er, well, Simon and Omeed seemed to do all the fanning and attacking. Omeed, because he's of distinctly arab appearance, and Simon because... well... he's more eloquent and has the person skills. The rest of us just buckled up and watched for the first signs of combat.

Now I am sincerely having trouble remembering anything we accomplished this game. And that's not the Dayquil/Alkeehaul still in my system. Here's what I vaguely recall (between my uncontrolled hit-and-miss wisecracks).

Simon, Omeed, and others had a meeting with a contact in Cairo; publisher of the Cairo Bulletin. He gave some information on activities but didn't yield a whole lot. When he found out we were "TV People" (our cover) he was turned off. When he found out we were interested in the Cult of the Black Pharaoh, he was back in. When he found out we were tracking Carlyle stuff, he was ambivalent. When he found out we were all dressed in black teddies and thongs beneath our safari gear, he was turned back on.

Omeed tracked down the Fariz Najir, the man who sold artifacts to Carlyle. Fariz's old store had been burned down in the Old Quarter, reportedly by demons. In his new locale he still sells things but does it in relative solitude as well as absolute FEAR of the cult of the Black Pharoh. So Omeed asks the man about artifacts like those sold to Carlyle. The man freaks out and throws the trio out of the shop. Point-of-view-head-cam of Omeed shows that the man goes and prays for hours for his own safety.

We also checked ot the Sphinx and the 'Mids. Two of use botched our sensory rolls.

While browsing the whackos who try to sell artifacts in Cairo, Ryan comes across a few items that might be real. After paying for these it's thought they might be useful for buying some assistance. Later on they came in handy when contacting a man at the University about getting into a dig. It seems the Clive Dig recently had a mummy stolen from it. Our University professor told us that he could get us in at the dig as part of his investigation; we could come along and ask questions. We gave him the three tiny idols we found as a means of procuring his aid (they were 3k years old, but non-magical).

We met 5 dig members. At least three of them seem to be Dreamers, following invenstigation by Christine, Jack, and others. (That check-for-corruption thing that Gabriel does could have been useful here on one of the three, who we feel is being coerced). In any case, we suspect that they know that we know that they know things. We tried to get the dreamer that we thought was being coerced (Agatha Broadmoore) to come back with us to town, but she declined.

The sarcophagus that was stolen was alabaster, which makes it unique. It had some carvings on it (we got to see pictures, but that's all.) One of the dig members, a James Gardner (no relation) pretty much concurred that there was no way that item could be stolen in 20 minutes time unless they had lots of help because it weighed plenty. And he also reinforced a belief that it was the body of an evil queen of Egypt.

Oh, and Cervantez offered us a bump to Resource 5 for one party member in exchange for the mirror. We've turned that down for the time being.