Shaking Hands with Satan (February 7th, 2004)

ATTENDEES: Omeed, Christine, Nathan, Gabriel, Doc Coffin, Jack, Simon, and Ryan.

We start in the wake of our events at the painter's house. He is in a looney bin, and his "mother" has been slain. We have paintings. We are deciding what to do next when we get a call from Mickey Mahoney at THE MIRROR, to note to us another article. This one notes of animalistic attacks in Leseer Eadale (A city 100mi to the north of London). Naturally they coincide with the Full Moon. That's weeks away so we stay in London and continue our research.

Strangely, we receive a call from Inspector Barrington at Scottland Yard. He says he is returning a call to meet with us. He claims the meeting was set up by Hank Reardon. Hank denies any such appointment. We meet with him anyway. Several of us keep an eye out without actually meeting with him. While waiting to enter the restaurant independant of everyone else, Nathan spots what he thinks is Hank up the street for a mere instant. When he gets there with Christine they find nothing.

In the meeting the Inspector exchanges information about Tufek Al Said (Say-eed), the owner of a local spice shop. Sources say that he may be involved with the Soho murders(?). <--I type a question mark here because I honestly can't remember how we got Said's name. But the Inspector recognized it and had his suspicions about the man. We wind up going independantly to his place. Now comes the comedy portion of our program:

Nathan loans his camera to Gabriel and Christine. They are loud Tourists in the "Ugly American" vein, and they show up in the spice shop where they proceed to annoy the owner. Nathan, a mere bystander buying spices, is asked to snap a picture of him in this shop. He does so and gets shots of the owner and the shop and now we have those.

AH! I think that's where Said's name came from: Omeed has been making contacts at THE BLUE PYRAMID bar. He manages to set up a clandestine meet with a dancer there. He is told there about El Said (I believe). Naturally, it's the last time he gets to use that contact as she shows up dead later on.

Back to the spice shop as second: While there intitially, Christine managed to detect magic upstairs. Some "remote viewing" by Omeed got us information about the room upstairs which includes a mirror and a roll-top desk. Some second story work, done while El Said was off at the bar allowed us to paw around his things, try on his underwear, raid the fridge. Actually, we are very careful about what we do and how we put things back, yet he somehow figures out later that we were there. While searching, we find there is a hidden compartment in his desk with goodies such as a robe, viles, scrolls, etc.

An argument then breaks out between then "I thought we were just doing recon and were going to leave everything there so he doesn't know anything is wrong" side and then "Hey, if it's magical we need to nab it now!" side. Ultimately the items were left behind. This proves to be a mistake as after the caper both Doc Coffin and Gabriel experience a searing heat from within as if being burned from the inside out. Whoever did it acted remotely to harm us! Now suddenly we're motivated to solve all this quickly. But as they say in the advertisements: But wait, there's more!

While snooping at the Blue Pyramid, Omeed manages to remote-hear a conversation involving some middle-easter gents and one EDWARE GAVIGAN, curator of the Penhew Foundation! In this convesation he finds out that they have a "gathering" planned for next month and that Said is supposed to be there.

Now it's time for the cops: It seems that Said has mentioned us to the police as possible burglars. He claims to not find anything missing from his apartment/shop but he gives the descriptions of ALL of the folks involved in this session to the police! Even those who were not in the apartment. Naturally, Barrington contacts us to find out what we were up to. We meet at a new pre-designated spot and Omeed tells him what we found in his place and implores him to go check it out.

While investigating the place, Barrington tries to arrange for his officers to be alone in the room with the desk that has the secret compartment, but the wiley Said manages to somehow cause one of the men to have a heart attack! The officer falls over before they can get any serious searching done and has to be rushed to the hospital.

We decide to arrange a meeting with Gavigan so tha we can all scan him. During said meeting, Gabriel attempts to Detect Evil (Sense the level of corruption in his target). Gavigan is so corrupt that Gabriel has to succeed in a willpower check of some kind in order to shake the man's hand. The rest of us do scanning. All I find of interest in his office via x-ray is a safe, inside which appears to be money.

During this encounter, the mind reader (I'm trying to remember who... I think it's Omeed) manages to discern the surface thoughts that we will be dead in the next three days, by Gavigan's design.

Now really in a hurry to escape or defeat the evil satan-man, we decide to break into the Penhew Foundation after hours. Omeed does a good job, with the assistance of my see-electricity vision. He gets us in. They disable a guard. We find a secret room including a sarcophagus that is only a front for an entrance into the basement. Down there we find a collection of goodies, including books, scrolls, two silver knives, and idols of what may be the same god represented in several cultures throughout history. Also there is a brass statue of an Evil God(dess). It's a fat asian woman with a large, sharp-toothed mouth, and mouths all over her body. It is fairly powerful but too difficult to get out of this place. Destroying it would be dangerous, we surmise. So we grab what we can and beat a hasty retreat.

We stop by Said's place on the way home and Omeed T-ports in, grabs the magic mirror, and T-ports out with it.

This is where the session concluded. On the bright side we found two more useful things to do with our powers: Gabriel can essentially Detect Evil, and Nathan can listen to radio signals in his head (such as police band).