Freud and the dream of the screaming babies (December 27, 2003)

Attendees: Everyone

We begin the evening by doing some brief recon on the JuJu House. Hard to tell much of anything from the outside. The papers don't report anything more than burglary and/or gang violence.

We set to the task of gaining information from the Carlyle mansion. To do this, we will drive up outside during the party, have Omeed teleport in and locate the safe, open it, and rifle through it. He finds four books. Two in English, One in French, One in Latin(?); Of these, two are paper while the others are Demon Skin & Human Skin. A discussion breaks out over whether to take the books from the safe for good or whether to put them back after we are done copying them. The vote goes 5 to 4 in favor of putting them back until Mark clues us in that one of the books is of Human Skin, whereupon I flip-flop and the books are not returned.

(I'll admit, the human skin thing was more of an opportunity for me to remember my character is "compassion" based and that he wouldn't return such dangerous artifacts to Ms. Carlyle who seems ill equipped to deal with the dangers.)

We then send some folks into harlem to track down the queen, M'weru (aka Anastasia). At Schriver's bar they are referred to an old woman who lives up the street. The woman is a palm reader whose shop (according to Dodge... who sees dead people) is loaded with spirits who wait and watch her work.

Mamma M'gwana (or spelled similarly) relays to us some of the dangers of what we've gotten ourselves into, some info about the Jakota (The nameless horror that lives beneath the stone lid in the basement of the JuJu house), and the man whose bowl we stole last game. (Macoumba? Spelling may be off, but that's phoenetically correct.)

Options: Wait for Macoumba to strike, Track him down and attack him in his home (where he's likley to have allies and home field advantage), or call him out to a neutral spot. In this case no one seems to have a problem with calling him out under a false pretense and then trying to kill him; Primarily because we all believe it's for the greater good. A RARE moment of mutual agreement.

We select the park. When my Distant Early Warning system goes off (Sparrows in the trees fly away) we know he's coming and where from. They were the lucky sparrows, for many others would die in this combat.

Gabriel Jones proffers his cell phone threateningly? Macoumba attacks with a Magic Missle... or somesuch. Whatever he did when he shouted his enchantment, it created five balls of green energy that turned into serpents and attacked. However, quick on the counter-magic, Michele neutralized three of them. The two remaining snake-things bit at Dodge (who was doing his flaming sword enchantment) and at Gabriel. Dodge resists his due to his personal enchantments while Gabriel is temporarily paralyzed.

Omeed manages to flash-bang grenade a bunch of the followers, neutralizing their effectiveness for a while. Their leader then does a power-word: Kill (or somesuch) and does damage to some of us. Michele again neutralized part of the effectiveness, so those who could soak a couple points when undamaged. Unfortunately, all of the tiny birds in the nearby trees were indeed harmed in the making of this scene.

As we are dealing with the few of the cult of the Bloody Tongue who can actually still see (through use of our guns, tazers, and flaming katani), Mamma M'gwana and the bartender from Shriver's show up and begin to whoop ass with a MAC10 and a fistful of enchantments. Mamma neutralizes Macoumba's enchantment that has been saving him from bullets and a well-placed shot takes his head off.

We now add Mamma M'gwanna as a possible Mentor/Contact for those of us who seek such things. We have a number of books from which to gain "Forbidden Lore" as well as some books for the Library, and a bunch of accoutrements looted from the body of the dead Macoumba (Robe, Tiger Claws, etc.)

We set our sights on destroying the Jakota. We rig a motor to the winch and Hank comes up with a chemical that will burn incredibly hot for a short period in a localized area (as we according to M'gwanna this is how to kill it). We set up, break into the JuJu house, do our rigging, and the second the lid is opened, everyone makes three saves. Fail the first and you are paralyzed, faile the second and you are in terror, fail the third and... what did the third one do? Can't remember. Anyway, a few people manage to survive all three, which is fortunate because it means one of us is able to push the plunger and kill the thing.

And what did the horror look like? A tumbling mass of baby parts. Sort of a sea of baby heads and bodies that falls apart and comes to gether as it rolls across the ground (or up the side of the pit).

When the thing bursts into flame it's cries cause everyone (not just the PCs but everyone in the vicinity) to drop to the ground with the shrieking. When it dies down, we get out of the area.

At this point we are looking at searching for the next horror in a foreign country.