Primals: The Sorcering (November 8th, 2003)

Attendees: ALL PLAYERS showed.
We all win a prize, courtesy of a Publisher's Clearinghouse-style organization. We are invited to California and stay at the beautiful Balboa Inn, take home a $10k prize, and briefly see one another. (By the way: Clever way of having someone introduce us to one another complete with minor background stuff, Mark).

Then we take the money and go home. At this point, as we try to vacate the house having declared ourselves victors, Mark proceeds to barricade the door. Seems that Mark's game is much like life in that nobody gets out alive.

At our respective homes across the country some of us are blissfully unaware of the sword of damocles dangling above our noggins. A few of us have a sensation of being watched. Nathan (me) notices it to the degree of inspiring some serious paranoia.

Then we are abducted, only without the fun alien anal-probing which makes such an experience worthwhile. We all realized we are drugged. A few of us realize we are bound. I realize that someone is speaking Spanish (Because you can count on me to roll really well on rolls that don't matter).

We awaken bound to a bed frames, blindfolded, and naked but for a sheet (one each... I mean, we aren't all using the same sheet). Anyone who tries to break free is smacked good and hard by whoever is holding us (That's Dodge, Nathan, Hank, and Jack; the latter of which takes a pretty good hit). Invalid Hank Reardon is able to walk now! NPC Ryan Cahill no longer needs his glasses because his eyes are 20-20. Or they would be, if he weren't wildly hallucinating!

Ah, the sensory issues! Each of us is experiencing uncontrolled hallucinatory boughts in which our senses go nuts. Some people see things speeding up and slowing down; Some hear things loud and precise and overwhelming; Some see things age before their eyes then restore to normal... etc, etc.

Omeed decides he wants to "use" his sensory ability. He tries to control it. And when he does, he gets the sensation of leaving his body and floating away, hurtling upwards into the atmosphere, until ultimately he feels he's going to be gone forever unless he comes back. So he does, clawing his way back to earth. The only other person to try this is Gabriel, who instead of seeing other people age, instead himself begins to age and wither. While floating off to the afterlife sounded kind of cool to me, aging sounded kind of hideous... so each of us began to wonder what our own senses did, but we refused to find out just now.

He makes us memorize a phone number (556-8912) and tells us its the only way we will survive. Then he leaves. Eventually a kid is let in and frees us for a nominal fee. We find that we have been left fairly generic clothing grunge clothing which pretty much resembles what I wear anyway. Some of us go out to call cops and declare this a crime scene. At a liquor store a few folks pay the guy to use his phone and discover that the people at the other end of the phone have never heard of them, as if they never existed. Suddenly, waiting for the cops to arrive seems like a bad thing. So we gather ourselves (and nearly a dozen sheets) and head out into the world of... New York City! (New York City?)

Hank & Gabriel call the mysterious number and find at the other end is a company that takes "reservations". They don't say for what. But they do give a meeting place and time.

Simon Moon is a native and leads us to his place in Greenwich Village, where the proceed to treat him like he never lived there. So we make a few more phone calls and discover we are totally disenfranchised, forgotten, non-persons.

We ride the subway all night, where its warm, and in the morning show up for the meeting. The very lovely and very freakish Christine proceeds to antagonize many people we come across. Finally, when the meeting happens, we meet with Mr. Cervantez, the man from the VP of Marketing, the guy who gave us our prize awards. He wants to do something with us but won't say what. So he gives us each an opportunity to go through door across the room with him... alone! Nathan is asked first and when he goes to do it, Christine objects... but at this point what's he got to lose! When in hell, might as well tour the entire inferno. One-by-one we are taken through the door and given the most complete search possible in an attempt to search us for... for... stuff. When asked what, we are told, "Some of you can be quite clever", which is code for, "Mr. Omeed, the Arab, is carrying Weapons of Mass Destruction on him".

We were told before complying that we were selected because we are a particular "type". It was possible for us to endure the reality-altering ritual. Mr. Cervantez has rocked our worlds because he needs us to save the world. The change was made to both extract us from our obligations and ties to the world and also to protect those that we leave behind. If we had ties to people, our new enemies will try to find them and harm them.

We are given the chance to control our senses and learn "magic" of a sort. The alternative is to leave and probably go insane in a short period of time. Naturally, we opt for our own, natural form of insanity and compy. Some of us go out for a last night on the town while others are eager to jump into it now.

We go to Mr. Cervantez mansion where we are given rooms and taught the ways of the force... er... of sorcery. We then are given jobs by a detective that owes Cervantez.

We leave off where we are sent to a rendezvous, and upon arrival no one answers. So Omeed looks THROUGH the door and sees someone hiding. He then teleports inside without any warning to us, and the fight undoubtedly is on! TO BE CONTINUED...