We reached the end of the labyrinth, and just after our Planar characters departed and our subjects are out of harm's way, as the Patrin themselves are about to pass forward, the Silent Note strikes.  Silent but deadly.  All our cool stuff with the exception of 4 artifacts held by the 4 continual players of the original campaign are destroyed.  The patrin greatly diminished in power.

We take our clans and head into the silver realm, essentially the Astral plane, where time is difficult to tell, distances are easily misjudged, and everything normally physically based is mental instead.  The gods are likely coming for us and so we seek someplace to call home, however temporary.

One Patrin refuses to leave: Lilith, the biggest and scariest of us all (NPC).  The rest of us spread out and take our people and go as far as we possibly can.  We have  communication device for being summoned if we need to be called somewhere.

We run into two big spooky creatures wielding giant fish hooks adorned with the souls of previously captured beings.  We engage with them and defeat them, then set the souls free, which promptly vanish.  Their worst thing was creating a sphere of icy pain that it hurt to pass through.  The Owl takes a sliver of the icy pain to study.

The weather changes.  A psychic wind is coming!  We narrowly escape the terrible weather that would undoubtedly have killed many.  Be we lost one child who got swept up and shredded by a whirlwind.
We run across some Githyanki in two giant mobs.  They demand our money.  We demand they get the hell out of our way!  We plow right through them sustaining minimal damage and causing one of the two mobs to disperse in terror.  We took one captive.

Next up are four adventurers. Yep.  Four old-school D&D adventurers show up and try to get us normal-looking people to give up treasure.  The monk is pretty tough but gets ganked.  Their fighter and our bull tie up for a while before their guy gets nuked.  Their thief tries to get clever and gets shot by the Owl for his troubles whenever he appears.  The wizard tries to fireball us to minimal effect and a lot of successful dodging.  We take the Wiz captive and question him.

He comes from Tauriel (I'm guessing on the spelling), says we can travel between realms using "color pools" which are transparent pools that he can show us how to find.  He teaches our only magical practitioner (at this point), the sorcerer Mal Mala, how to find them.  To teach us how to get back from the other side requires a specific ritual.  We agree to free him if he takes us through and shows us the ritual once we get there.
Upon approaching the pool we intend to use, a demonic figure shows up.  He's seen us wandering and has been waiting.  He's seen us beat up everyone else, so he must want that too!  We have a fight, during which he creates a sort of mirror-image of himself that makes us have a 50/50 chance of hitting.  The Spider goes down and everyone else takes some damage, but the team eventually takes him out.  (He had a high AC in addition to the 50% chance of missing).

At this point, the Wizard guiding us relents and admits:  We were all about to pass into the realm of fire.  He thought he could then return back and leave us boiling/frying.  He now thinks he'll try to help us for real.
Next wanderers in the astral plane are a duo (Wiz and Fighter) who greet us without attacking.  They are not thrilled that we have a "red wizard"  with us whom we are keeping alive, because they are here plotting how to take out a red wizard who is an Arc-Mage!  This guy has made a castle, set into a big hunk of rock floating in the nothingness.  He says he'll help us and we can split the castle/treasure if he shows us where this guy is and we help him invade it.

Once found and recon is completed, we come up with a haphazard plan involving one representative and a whole bunch of animals possibly forcing the door.  This actually ends up happening when the Scorpion gets the portcullis open and we force the door.  The menagerie head inside and find an alarm sounding (INTRUDERS!  INTRUDERS!  INTRUDERS INT...), a couple of big earth elementals, and several fruit trees and some water in a courtyard.  Smashy Smashy on the elementals, followed by the same thing on a duo of electrical/steam constructs inside the building, and in the wiz-tower are the Wiz and a duo of undead knightly types.  We mop the place up with them!

We got a few magical items (Manual of Golem creation, Dex gloves, etc.).

As we're relaxing a bit we get the call to return for the conclave:  They have news they don't want to discuss over the seashell (In case it's tapped?).  We gather and it seems the astral plane is slowly driving people mad, so it's best we escape it.  Also they have a plan that requires our assistance... in KILLING A GOD!




Killing Buddha

Defender (Alan), Karth (Joe), Snow Lotus (Michele), Sting (Jim), Weaver (Darren)

The "senior management" ask us to go kill a god and as he's dying, steal his essence.  Toward this end they give us a few items:  A compass that points the direction of our target, a dagger in which to contain his being, and a key to open a way back.

There are other teams going out to do the same.  We'd like to take out a pacifist God, but no, we're given something tougher.

We arrive at the color pool we will use to get there and find it guarded, as always.  In this case it's a Religious Zealot law-dog, and we all know in the silver realm the law don't go 'round there.  Karth antagonizes it into scanning us all for sins, which then prompts it to pass judgement and attack.  We kill it without too much trouble and cross through the color pool.

On the other side is a durable stone path beset on both sides by towering waves of flaming liquid which crash against the path.  This prompts us to get moving quickly, except of course for the fiery chaos creatures that decide to come forth from the firewater and attack.  Once those are down we run to land, having been somewhat burned by the tides.  Here we find ourselves at a barren desert.

After some healing and rest we advance and end up at a green belt.  The world is less chaotic the further we get from the entrance we came through.

We're flying when some flying monkeys come after us.  Only they aren't JUST flying monkeys they're also shapeshifters.  We descend rather than try to fight them in hawk/albatross forms.  There are 10 and they take damage from Fray dice so this isn't too bad.  It does however make us have to rest some more and heal, which we do in hidden animal forms.

During the rest, a wolf shows up and sniffs out one of us.  It then calls to its wolfy brethren who show up in force.  They scour the area for us by scent and Karth understands them to be saying that mortals came here but then just vanished, which is true since we all became animals to sleep.  I can't remember who attacked one.. I think it was Defender who lured one away and tried to kill it.  I think he ultimately got them all away.  I barely remember.

We reach the target location where the God supposedly is.  We see 4 pillars sunk into the ground.  Sting suggests that Snow Lotus send a fire elemental into the area to scout, like a canary in a coal mine.  And that would be great if it were a canary that doubled in size, turned and attacked us, but no, the Fire Elemental doubled up to Huge size and came after us.  Some fled successfully but when it's discovered it could outrun any of us, we regrouped and fought it, taking it down.

Now these pillars are obviously part of the problem.  We figure (without any real knowledge) that if one of us goes in there we could possibly be mind-controlled or something.  Who know?  So we decide we'll take a combination of forms and begin to bring down the pillars by undermining them and using massive animal strength on them.

When all four pillars fall at last (after many days) the God does indeed appear.  He thanks us for being good/bad little mortals and charges us with creating a church to his fireness.  Turns out we aren't into that so much.  Fight breaks out, Sting gets the last blow and sucks him into the +1 dagger of sucking.

Weaver tries to make a gateway using the "key" but that fails.  Laws of reality are too strong here, so we have to head back to the chaos.  We are halfway there when we notice we are being tailed by someone MUCH faster than we are.  We set down and prepare to deal with him.  He's pissed off that we freed the God even though we DID kill him, as all gods deserve.  So we throw down.
Problem is he's not alone.  He's got a pet saber-tooth tiger, who is the weakest of all the foes, then there are four spirits he summons from the lords of chaos.  They are a Wraith (a life leecher), a Shade (creating darkness area), a Madness spirit (makin' with the crazy), and a Fear Spirit doing just what yo think.

In all, we make a pretty good showing.  However, some of these effects, like madness and fear, require use of Effort points to keep from fleeing/going crazy.  The reduction to Zero Effort has its own sort of personal madness.  So by the time we're done bringing down our foes, Snow Lotus's peace-o-philia (wherein she tries to stop the fighting) has deteriorated into despair at her failure that we can't all just get along; Another's kill-o-mania (sorry, I forget who) is pretty much sated; and the Weaver becomes fixated on commemorating the scene in ghastly and horrific art using the body of the destroyed chaos priest.  By various means they are baited through the portal and into the Silver Realm.

We return, give our intelligence report, and since that was the whole game for the session, we start in on the next one!  Seems killing a God isn't good enough:  Our next task is to capture a god.  We're given some jade manacles that can restrain someone godly and sent into another realm.

In this realm the Gods don't interact directly, they only act through others, via boons and curses.
A tornado sets down and from it comes an army of undead and at its center is a Rhino-man.  Our Fray dice take out the army of undead, and coordinated effort takes down the Rhino.  Then the funnel cloud picks up all the remains and carries them away, like Jesus' Roomba.

Next we encounter... um... Goat-headed men covered in runes.  Yes, 'tis clear they are Broo-ish, though we don't discriminate, we beat them down too, though they are far from easy, seeing as how anytime one of them gets in trouble they just ask their mommy, Malia, for help, and she gives them a boost of some kind.  I believe we ended after beating the Broos.



God Statuary Method

Defender (Alan), Strength of Many (Paul), Snow Lotus (Michele), Sting (Jim), Weaver (Darren)

So we're off to capture a god. Last game we set down in this new world and fought a couple of Broos, among other things. This time we have more time to look around. One of Snow Lotus' gifts tells her that there's something off about this world. Of course all the worlds are "off" from what we're used to, but this one has an issue with us being incorporated into it. It seems that this world has what we're calling "a script", a sort of destiny that is set to play out and that we are starting to realize that we are occupying some of the roles in said script. This means that doing things to break script cause us personal harm. And ripping the god we've come for out of this place can cause some irreparable harm to the world. But hey, better them than us.

We stop off at a settlement and have trouble getting access to it because they're xenophobic and we're odd and know nothing of local customs. This being GLORANTHA everyone should have runes and worship a god, whereas we have moonsilver tattoos and worship ourselves. But at a smaller settlement Snow Lotus manages to ingratiate herself to the family who lives there just enough for us to get in, have dinner, and find out about where we are going. It's a city called PAVIS, ruled by the city god of the same name.

When we get there we go through customs, because they built a wall and now they're going to make us pay! After X-ing our mark and paying 1 flat each we go in and explore. Some eager kid wanting money drags us to her choice of places, called Bob's Bison Burger, which features rooms for rent and a restaurant that features an enormous magical meat grinder. They even bring in an antelope and toss it on top and before our eyes it is ground into perfectly shaped meat patties. Seems it was found in the ruins of the city, a relic of the previous civilization. That same old fast food chain story!

Wait! I forgot the challenges! On our way to the city we saw a herd of bison and some bison-riders. Several (5 to be exact) broke away and came to see us. These 5 heroes are involved in a quest and one of them refers to Defender as "Trickster" and challenges him to a contest. Said contest involves riddles, which we know Alan desperately loves. But that's okay because it's basically a roll-off. Alan wins and the guy offers Defender "information" but we don't know what to ask him. We do find out that Pavis is a god who it seems is set to wed the Red Goddess of the Lunars and that they might have something to say about us stealing him. Of course he won by cheating. Not HIS cheating, but that of Snow Lotus, who solved the riddle and told him the answer in a language the Heroes didn't know. This BREAKS THE SCRIPT and so Lotus takes a -1 on EVERYTHING for the rest of the game.

And then another one of them challenges the bull-man to a lifting contest. He picked our strongest guy for that. Even at that this is not a runaway. He succeeds easily but he had a worthy opponent. Another challenge comes in the form of enticing a bison! The scorpion-man and a foe stand equally distant from him and encourage him to come over. Scorpion offered him food and eventually wins the contest. He is offered his opponent's mount (a winged buffalo) and he decides that he doesn't want the buffalo he wants its form, so Sting has sex with it and is able to adopt its shape. He tries to offer it back to the owner, who refuses due to honor. He winds up gifting it to their leader instead. I should mention that more cheating/script-breaking took place, as Weaver manipulated faith in order to pass on a high roll. He too shall suffer a -1 for the rest of the game on everything. That leaves two more of us unchallenged, but not for long. As Snow Lotus is challenged to sooth the spirits back to their rest, but loses the contest. Her gift to him is that now she has a 20% chance of encountering a random ghost in each game. Weaver wins a swimming contest by turning into a sailfish in order to cross the river more quickly, but still only barely wins. For that the Weaver got a crystal that can heal one person to full, once.

Now back to the city of Pavis...

There's a pyramid here in the city, a temple to which our god-detector-compass is pointing! We take on mouse-form and sneak up the temple. At its entrance, might mouse Strength of Many blows the doors down. Inside are two guards that SoM and Defender take down while Lotus and Weaver descend a bit into the bowels a bit. Snowy Lotus has the ability to neutralize the protective glyphs on this place, which is great because we keep running into t some. But we knew about them because on the previous night during recon, Defender discovered a glyph the hard way! They do enough damage to kill an ordinary "non-believer", but of course we're not ordinary. A couple more guards get nuked, we find a chamber below that is filled with temple guards who try to overwhelm us, but fray-dice clear them out in good time.

At the deepest chamber is room with a representatives of the 5 elements at the corners and center. So we take on Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wood elementals. It's a brutal fight and we start to see a pattern with the toughest fights having about two out of five party members go down. At its conclusion, we explore the block in the middle of the room and find inside it is a set of stairs leading down.

In the room below is a chamber with Pavis sitting on a throne, a petitioner kneeling before him, and a high priest or assistant type hanging out. Pavis tries to ask why we would come here for us but we're not all that interested in reasoning with him since he's what we want. So we have another knockdown-dragout and end up hauling him away. I should have mentioned, he's not a "full god". No, we probably couldn't handle that. Instead he's isolated himself away in a chamber that preserves him in that stage just before ascension where he's very powerful but still retains his free will. One step higher and he'd "exalt" (for lack of a better term) and become part of the script.

Thing is, Pavis is property of the Lunars who want him to marry the red goddess, so when we try to leave him they don't like that. Five opponents in classic adventurer roster format (Wizard, Priest, Thief, Archer, Fighter) are waiting for us when we come out of the temple, but we just fly off faster than they can pursue us.

That doesn't mean they don't know where we're going. Because at the end of our long trek back to the entrance to this world, a moon beam strikes the ground and the five are there!

Difference is, we now have our first "lesser gifts" from our Words. So Weaver has a ranged attack (where foes are prone to accidents), and Sting has a could of Darkness that only the Priestess can see through, and Strength of Many has upped his damage.

This battle takes a while as the darkness helps cut off the battlefield some and forces Sting and their thief to play a little cat-and-mouse game. The archer gets the brunt of the early attacks but its the soldier who goes down first. At one point Snow Lotus hits her limit break and desperately wants peace, so she runs over to protect Weaver, who is only a tiny spider against a great big priest. When they all drop finally, we can exit this world (and take our 2nd lesser gift, or if we saved both points we can buy a greater gift).

Back in the Silver Realm, they go about changing Pavis into a statue and then we set our worshippers to worshipping him which gets us... something?




Karth (Joe), Sting (Jim), Kern (Alan), Xander (Paul), Weaver (Darren)

Michele had to go and schedule her Birthday the same as our game day.  What's up with that?  Happy Birthday anyway.  I guess.

So we're going to hell.  The characters, that is.  Any resemblance that statement has to real life fact is up for individual debate.  But our characters are headed to hell to retrieve the lost souls of our followers who got caught up in various astral plain storms and were torn away from us.  While we specifically only lost one soul, it was a little girl, so naturally there are a number of us who are going to go automatically and a few of us who think more pragmatically.  Weaver knows better than to say, "It's just one kid," but he'd definitely think that, then go anyway.

Trick is to take a magic soul-collecting needle and thread, stick the souls, and haul them back to our plane.  But it's hell, so you know it's going to be a lovely time.  The compass we've used before will point to their location.  But to get back we'll have to probably go through a door on each plane that will lead us back.the previous plane until we're on the silver again with our people.  But we're going to be able to enter the planes actually on level 3 where the souls are.

We need to enter Hell and the way we've been given is through a town on the edge of hell called "Ribcage" because it has been built in the empty chest cavity of a long dead creature.  Guards are simple enough to deal with and we manage to gather a collection of local names of people who can get us into hell and maybe get us out.

First one we try is a goomba in an Italian restaurant.  He makes us an offer we can't refuse: one soul each for the journey if we pay up front, two souls each if we pay after.  Souls are pretty expensive.  We can collect souls in hell in addition to what we go in for and bring them back, but the offer we can't refuse... we go ahead and refuse it.

Instead we visit the local gladiator pit and accept an offer to fight for our right (to hell party).  We participate in "The Macedonian" which involves being chained to a pillar while a beast of their choice which is able to move freely comes after us.  We bargain from a solo Macedonian into a 5-on-5.  So we take on a man-sized raptor, an insect humanoid, an ogre, one other creature, and a mastodon!  They fall like dominoes, but the toughest (the mastodon) nearly takes out the bull-man.  But we got 'em all and we live.

As a reward we get to go to hell.  Woohoo?

THE THIRD CIRCLE OF HELL (Not the DMV we expected)
We enter on a path.  It is surrounded by mud into which are sunk unfortunate souls that can only struggle, breath in mud, and gasp as they try and fail to scream.  The compass points up the path, but we don't get more than a few feet before an enormous Serpent creature rises up and tries to claim us.  Viox's solution to everything is to wrap its head in darkness then stab it, while the rest of us just cut to the stabbing.  It's big enough that the darkness isn't a problem for us and most of us get in some good stabbing (Weaver can't hit a thing).  We the beast is made of iron and is quite rusted, it breaths a gout of rust which degrades and destroys anything metal we have on us, killing any conventional armor.

After it dies, Weaver takes a few seconds to assemble some rusty-metal armor for anyone who wants some.

Someone decides they want to talk to one of the trapped souls.  It is dragged from the muck and after a minute of coughing up mud, it pleads to be helped.  It gets fully freed and it is named BROO and wants to travel with us.  Well, what bad thing has ever befallen us because of a Broo?  So we allow it.  It gets rusty metal armor and we move on.

We encountered a couple more things on the way (a duo, whose details escape me other than that they were big and approached us and we kicked their butts).  Soon we find the city we seek:  Jangling Heater, a city made entirely of chains, suspended by chains, over... whatever.  The chains that hold it up go so high we don't see their end.  Each link seems to be a soul.

The guards again don't give us problems.  We find the door we'll need to exit by and take note of who guards it.  Then we go for the souls.  They're in a chainlink-cathedral, guarded by many, many, many chain guards who we have to mow through in two waves (first tons of small guys then later a smaller group of bigger guys).  When we find the souls they are imprisoned alongside some folks we don't know and some gluttonous figure who won't tell us his name.  He wants us to free him and says he'll help us escape.  It's a three-to-two vote to leave the untrustworthy monster there, but then he manages to bargain his way back into things by promising us information about the guards at the gate.

So we take him with us and a fight breaks out at the gate.  The bad guys have a memory removing power.  First they use it on Xander to make him forget his last new power.  Then when Weaver gets to the gate and spends one of two required rounds trying to activate it, he makes weaver forget what he's doing.  The first guard goes down under the weight of much stabbage and then the second one gets eliminated as we open the gate and head through.

Is this where we stopped?  I think it was.  At least I don't remember anything else.




Kern (Alan), Snow Lotus (Michele), Karth (Joe), Xander (Paul), Weaver (Darren), and eventually Sting (Jim)

Hell.  You’ve been there many times, especially in "Mark Games”.  Last game we did level 3.  So we level-up and find ourselves in two.

Upon entry we find ourselves on another road.  This one is made of skulls.  Not far up the path sits a small, sickly gray man whose attention turns to us.  He notes that we don’t look like we’re from here and that maybe we’re the type of people who can help him and in return he can show us the exit.  He talks slowly and with a southern drawl but he makes no compunctions about being evil and wanting a holy item that he can’t get to.  He provides an explanation as to how to get to the item (with a few things not mentioned) in the tower in the city we are headed toward.  He and Snow Lotus do some verbal sparring at the end of which she doesn’t agree to do this, while the rest of us are in because frankly, we don’t really care what he’s going to do with the sword so long as it doesn’t prevent us from getting out.  It’s a holy sword and we’re to bring it to him and he’ll show us how to get out.  No one trusts him.  Still we do it.

On the road we come across some large steel blocks and as we approach them, anything we’re wearing that’s metal will heat up to the point of causing damage.  So we have to take some precautions, like putting metal objects on a form and then transforming into another form, presumably one that will survive the heat better.  As we weave through the blocks we find ourselves suddenly deep in a city!  We are amid steel buildings which are incredibly hot and still dangerous.  Our destination is visible in the distance.  We’re told the only way to it is to either see where it is and then don’t look at it and travel toward it for quite a while, or to travel through it using meditation.  We make our choices and advance.  Karth takes a little longer because he tries to switch methods mid-way.

At the end is the tower.  When we arrive we find a massive wall that is still hazardous to the touch, except to Lotus because she can make herself fire resistant.  So Karth decides to change into a bird and fly up to look at it.  He gets twenty feet up when one of the many gargoyles that sit on the edge of the wall proceeds to jump and grab him on the way down, smashing himself and Karth against the ground.  Snow Lotus looks around and spots another man wandering around spying the wall and manages to find out from him that he is indeed looking to go through somehow.  She convinces him too climb a rope we hook around a gargoyle.  He might have made it had it not been for his own clumsiness.  He falls against the hot wall and fries himself, to the amusement of Vulture (Our demonic sidekick who had been with us through level one).  He then points out, “Hey, you’re fireproof, why aren’t you climbing?”  Eventually Lotus relents and goes up the wall and is not destroyed nor attacked by a gargoyle.

Once we all scurry up there and over, we find ourselves near another wall.  Here there are demonic guards who mostly ignore us and smoke cigars.  However, Lotus sees a two-headed giant walk up to one, drop a sack of gold, and the two vanish.  So she walks up to one that isn’t smoking and tries to get his attention.  He’s chewing tobacco instead and spits on her shoes.  So she spits on his shoes, nearly causing a fight to break out, except that Kern throws a sack of gold at his feet.  Now we’ve got his attention in the right way; he takes us through one at a time.  When it comes to Lotus, who is last, she gets brought through and dropped from up high.  Now that we’re inside, we’re in what we find out later is called the “Hall of Patience”.  We were told “Wait here and someone will come.”  Nobody came.  Finally we lose patience and the two-headed giant is there and he doesn’t seem to know what to do next, besides annoy us with his anger.

We finally use the flower (an item given to us to bypass the inner walls of the tower) and pass to the next area.  There we are besieged by sexy women.  Er, demons.  Winged, mean, sexy demons.  We’re on a ledge looking out over the city and that unfortunately affords us a save or be confused and entranced by the way the city rolls on forever.  Lotus and Weaver fail the roll.  The demon-ladies proceed to attack, wrapping the two of us who are stunned up in their lassos and trying to stab and poison the rest.  Just before they get around to throwing either of us over the ledge, the team overcome their opponents and we’re able to continue.  At this point Alan steps out of the room and is not present for the ensuing discussion which pretty much goes like this:
Karth: We should throw the giant over the edge.
Lotus: No, you shouldn’t do that.
Xander: Want me to throw him over?
Weaver: We can just leave him behind.
Karth: He’ll be awake by then.  It’s now or never.
Weaver: (shrugs)
Xander: I throw the giant over the edge.
GM: He wakes up just as you throw him and screams all the way down.
(Alan walks back into the room)

In the next room are three dog-headed angels, “priests of anubis”.  They want freed but caution us that one of them is actually a demon.  They can’t convince us which is which so we prepare to leave.  We decide to leave them, except as the petal is being placed on the wall to make a hole to the next room, Lotus decides to  free one of them.  We go through.  As we do, the last man out (Xander) is able to see that the freed man proceeds to turn into a demon and kill the other two.

In the next room we find a circular room covered in doors to other worlds.  Through one of them comes a demon who wants to know what we’re doing there.
Michele: “Is it the demon from earlier? The one I spit on?”
GM: “Do you want it to be?  Well then it is.  A second one shows up. It’s the one who was smoking the cigar earlier.”

It’s less than a minute before we break into a fight.  The demons proceed to fill the room with choking smoke that causes a –4, and that in conjunction with their AC2 makes them virtually impossible to hit.  Nonetheless, we manage to get in five points by concentrating on one of them.

Michele: “I guess I’ll hit one of them.”
GM: “The injured one?”
Darren: “Of course this dimension makes you angry and the other one spit on you earlier.”

I think you know what happens next.  Eventually the injured one will go down but not before the other guy fills the room with hellfire that does plenty o’damage before he goes down too.

We grab the sword, which is in the middle of the room, and make for the exit.  From there we head for the rendezvous with the demon who hired us to do this.  When we get there we find he’s not alone.  He has two hell hounds.  He asks for the sword, Lotus (who currently possesses it) refuses to hand it over without a speech so Kren demands the sword, she relents, and he’s about to hand it over when the demon proves he’s not very forthcoming, so the sword is handed to Xander who changes form, thus making the sword irretrievable to anyone.  Then the fight breaks out, but not before more help shows up.

A figure drops out of the air and slams into the road (which incidentally is made up of bricks that are crafted from souls).  Those who can make a wisdom check to save their life recognize him as someone they’ve known in a previous lifetime back before the Labyrinth.  In fact, Xander, who rolled a 20, remembers the person intimately.  He seems to recognize us too.  His name is Ceer.

The two hellhounds transform into bigass demons and join the fight.  Vulture says he can keep the lead demon busy a short while.  So we dog pile on one of the other demons.  Ceer seems stunned by knowledge of us.  Karth (I believe it was) tells him “You don’t have to do this” and he seems to be considering that, or figuring out how to kill us, maybe.

We take down one of the demons and Vulture is begging for help as bits of him are being torn off by the opponent.  Then as we focus on the other demon, Ceer leaps and grabs the demonic leader and flies away into he sky, so gratefully we don’t have to fight either of them, which is good since we were going to have a lot of trouble with either.

The second demon gets taken down.

This is where I had to leave.