Game 1 & Game 2

This should be a short recap since this is shaping up to be a mostly un-recappable game.

Players/Characters: (H)alan, Robert, Joe, Jim, Michele, Robert, Paul, Darren

I will now try to conjure up some version of what happened in game 1, the game in which I was not present, and game 2, the game in which I was present but totally disoriented. I will apologize up front for the fact that I can't remember what attacks some of you were doing. For example, Jim was speedster-ish but I can't remember what attack he was doing, and I know Alan did things, I just don't recall what.

We all got ill in some respect and wound up volunteering for the Morrow project, which left us frozen. The bulk of us woke up in game 1, where we found ourselves trapped in a strange new world. Like all Mark games, we are naked, afraid, bereft of treasure, and completely disoriented. We meet the big head-on-the-screen, an 8-bit graphics demon head who tells us about how we exist for conflict. We are essentially in an odd dungeon-crawl in which we fight odd amalgamated creatures, mashups of the six essential background metaspheres: Mystic, Mutant, Science, etc.

In game one the team encountered a dragon (which they ultimately fled), a blue ewok-like creature which they killed, and multiple others. Each one coughed up a strangely random treasure. Not "Treasure type H" random, but more like gamma world loot random ("A broken bicycle reflector"), and sometimes a vial of liquid of an odd color or another. The group is low on food and water. They heal by returning to the starting room.

In game two, Joe and I awaken from our pods and are told quickly about what is going on. The only stranger among us gumbies is the man we've designated Halan. We head out to find the dragon. We will eventually need the Conflict gem, according to a diary found on the body of the blue ewok, if we plan to ever exit this place. We find the dragon and it hits us with fire breath. A lot of dodging happens around fire and there's a struggle as people (Paul the brute) try to grab onto and control it. I manage to get my suffocate power to work on it and it flees due to the injuries and the disadvantages of the suffocate, but it doesn't get far as just before its lair, it collapses and dies. We go after it and find it dead and within seconds we encounter two cyber-lizardmen. Halan tries to talk to them and that fails so more fighting happens. For the next bunch of fights Joe and I will be useless because our attacks are ineffective against whatever we encounter. However, punching and shooting things always works, so Paul and Robert do their thing upside the lizard men, and other encounters.

The finale to the night is when we go after what we think is the conflict gem and find its guardian, a spirit-like creature whose 50/50 miss chance saves it from lots of damage. Robert keeps hurting it a little at a time with bullets, Alan and Michele keep annoying it (as is their way) so it keeps focusing on them. I try a new power and successfully hit over and over again but miss the 50/50 every time. Joe moves on ahead past it to look for the gem and winds up drawing Robert in to help. They get through a secret door and Robert locates the game on the other side. He avoids a lot of fiery pain by grabbing it telekinetically rather than physically as a trap is set off. A quick game of keep-away takes place as the group pass it around between them to keep the gem away from the ghost and ultimately it is run in for a touchdown! When the gem crosses the threshold, the spirit fades.

This is where I left. I'm sure there was more discussion and searching and such after that.

RECAP CONTINUES... Characters: (H)alan, Robert, Paul, Jim, Darren

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Seems that Mark made up much of this session while on the great UTrek.

Last game we'd made it to the exit. Since the last thing that happened was that Michele had flown up to get a view of the area and she was not present, and I have flight, I was substituted. So I fly up, get the lay of the land, and come back down. Before I can spell it all out, the team take a step across the threshold and are immediately besieged by pants! Strangling vines breech the ground and attack. Their thorns convey poison which kills CON. Paul is smashing away at them, but Jim and Hal are forced to move away. I fly down and pluck Robert up out of the mess and he flies away after setting himself up with a flight power. We'd be safe in the air if it weren't for a big swarm of bats that come after us.

Paul figures out that if you go back across the threshold they do not follow, so I follow him, and Hal attempts to follow but is brought down so that he falls into the opening and safety. We rally and get back into this fight which we were losing pretty handily at first. With all the foes stomped out and everyone healed by Robert, we go back to the dungeon for some reason to test if we can get back in. We can. But we continue onward.

Down river there is a town. We angle toward it and as we do, I notice that along a ridge on the far side of the river there is a row of Zombie Indians. Their leader signals and after us come a swarm of crows and buzzards accompanied by a patch of darkness. We try to make a run for the town but before we get there the crows catch up, so there is another conflict. They mostly get hurt by the area effect attacks (Robert and Jim, I believe). The darkness is another stat-killer. We end up defeating them and crossing the border to the next zone at which point the Undead Natives pull up and stop.

We have a look at the town, which is walled. It seems fairly conventional. Paul and I hide in the forest since we are the most noticeably odd (Really big and Wispy footed, respectively). Hal goes in and procures some clothing for the others and brings it out so that they can all enter the city looking fairly normal. Eventually they end up taking up with an old woman. In return for fixing her place up a bit she feeds and houses them. They get Paul and I into the city without incident and the whole group sleeps overnight with the old lady, but next day we need to go get jobs and earn money.

Hal is a performer and wants to work at the local tavern. Most of us get some sort of job in there (though honestly I don't remember what if anything I was doing there). Tavern has a good night due to the self-promotion and a "big crowd" (a whole 12 people). We get a room upstairs for all of us. But during the night only one of us wakes up and notices that someone has entered the room.

We are under siege by unknown locals. We were offered drinks earlier in the night. I made my save, two others did not. There's a silence spell up so even though I'm not drugged I still don't hear them come in. The group of bad guys (and a girl) spread out and try to knockout everyone. They have limited success, and end up losing the fight, with only one of them getting away.

We reported the incident to the local sheriff, who took them into custody. The woman (who had mind control powers) is from the local church. So apparently someone "don't take kindly to our type".


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