Jared Austin, Loner ( ), Illusion Powers?

Player: Joe

Age 15, African-American, 5' 7", 135 lb

Jared is better known for his father, a star wide receiver who graduated from this school and went on to college, but failed to go pro when he tore his ACL.  Too small for football, Jared retained good hand/eye coordination.  He spends his lunch hour with a deck of cards practicing cutting and dealing, or practicing sleight of hand with a coin.  Considered a loner, it's more a matter of him spending time building his sleight of hand skills and neglecting his social skills.

Peter "Skunk" Hayward, Punker (Codename: Entropy), Corrosive Powers

Player: Darren

Age 16, Caucasian, 6' 1", 160 lb, Black Mohawk with a white streak down the middle, white "wolf eye" contact lenses, three ear piercings, one tongue piercing.

To Skunk, School sucks.  But it's really a reason to hang out with his friends, missing class to stand in the parking lot and smoke and rip on the conformists.  Not considered a violent guy, he's fairly smart for a guy who looks like a thug.  Dressed in a long trench coat, punk logo t-shirt (70's/80's punk... not this crap now!) like Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Fear, or the Dead Kennedys, he has a number of piercings, a mangled "jailhouse tattoo" (Not gotten in jail; he and his friends exchanged tattoos; his friend wasn't very good at it--it's a weak Anarchy "A" on top of his right hand.  He wears freaky white contact lenses that look like wolves eyes.  Due to listening to so much British music (and Americans who sang with an English accent), he tends to adopt the British accent when he talks.  Not a good one though. 

Alexei "Spook" Averbruk, Millitary Brat ( ), Regeneration Powers

Player:  Alan

He is tall like his grandfather, with his family's light blond hair.  He is fit, another family trait, and he knows a little martial arts.  But he is not handsome.  His face is pocked from small pox, making him a rarity in his American schools.

Alexei is a first generation Russian American.  His family came to America when his father was 20.  He almost immediately met his mother, an American called Alice, fell in love and had their only child.  His grandfather is one of those scary old-fashioned Russians.  He bought his families safety with secrets sold to America when his leadership turned against the old ways.  Officially, nobody knows about grandfather Oleg's past, but of course they all do.  His father Pyotr died in a construction accident five years ago.  His mother seems to have grown weak since and, at least to Alex, is a shadow of her old self.

Alex knows a little Russian because his grandfather insists he learn, but he doesn't want to be Russian in any way.  His desire to hide his heritage only caused his class mates to use it against him.  When he was a freshman, just after his father died, grandfather Oleg came to the school in response to a teacher's request to speak to his parents about his behavior.  Alex had been depressed and his teachers worried, he never told anyone about his father's death.

Oleg caused a stir at the school.  At 65 Oleg is grizzled, tall, and strong.  His hair is always military short and his clothes perfectly pressed.  Students caught glares and grunts  from the old man for their revealing clothing, poor posture and all such things.  His accent, demeanor and dress made it clear that he was military, and students overheard his conversations with teachers and his accent.  One particularly nasty student overheard teachers talking after Oleg left and discovered that he was a Russian Spetsnaz.  They called the old man a "spook".

When they confronted Alex, he just ignored them.  His quiet nature and tendency to be found standing at the back of the room watching things earned him the nickname of spook.  He is an outsider who wouldn't mind being on the inside, but has no idea how to get there.

Custer Hamilton, Average Guy ( ), Duplication/Mimic Powers

Player: Jeff



Julio, Drug Dealer ( ) , Luck Powers

Player: Paul


My character concept is Julio, the anchor baby of immigrant farm workers. He is smart but doesn't apply himself in school. Instead, he is counting on making it big as a drug dealer. Completing high school is a dream of his parents so he will stick it out. Julio is one lucky guy. He always seems to be in the right place to avoid big trouble or to catch a lucky break. He is always the one un-injured in a car wreck or manages to avoid getting busted by the cops when dealing drugs. He is 18 and about to graduate into a life if crime. 

Julio's good luck has always had negative consequences to those near him. If bad things are coming they are much more likely to hit them. This has left him with a measure of survivors guilt and he tends to keep his distance from those he truly cares for. The people that he hangs around with tend to be losers that do his bidding for payment in drugs. He is in love with a girl that doesn't know it and he keeps his distance for fear of something bad happening to her.


Rex McBain, Chubby Geek ( ), Mechanical Control powers?





Player: Jim




Amber, Rich Girl, Psionic-style Invisibility

Player: Michele

Cute redhead.



Bobby, Neeeeerrrd ("Epicenter"), Earthquake Powers?

Player: NPC (Mark)