Game 1:  12/19/2020

Game 2:  12/22/2020

Game 3:  12/30/2020

Game 4

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Game 6

Game 01 - Introduction to the Asylum

Each of us wakes up in their own room, unattended.  Each is wearing a hospital patient-ish set of clothes, have minor medical equipment in our rooms, a bathroom, an empty closet, and a view of the grounds.  As we each explore the grounds we discover that while we don't remember how we got here or what transpired to cause us to be here, we also don't recognize each other or anyone else we encounter.

Steve (Alan) is a fitness buff, Enrique (Joe) is some kind of thief, Merelda is an older woman who is obsessed with her tarot cards, and Brian is a hardened former criminal.  There are others present.  In short order...

There's a lot of strategic manuevering of the situation which I will encapsulate purely by pointing out the player's decisions...

Steve:  Admitted to memory loss, had a session with the doctor where she told him that he was found in South Carolina, down at the bottom of a hole he dug in a cemetery, convinced of something (SORRY, I can't remember if he was convinced someone wasn't really dead and needed saved?).  He's the only one who has a visitor (His wife) when visiting hours happen.

Enrique:  Also admits to some memory loss, finds out during his session that he and Brian know each other and in fact were involved in the same incident of arson!  Seems they lit a plantation on fire because "that house ate one of our friends".

Brian: Does not admit any memory loss and finds out some of the details when approached later by Enrique and told what he found out.  He would have gone on pretending he was fine so that they wouldn't do anything to adjust medication or anything, except...

Merelda:  Admits to memory loss, uses her cards as a crutch against reality as she's concerned that spirits are causing our problems or something else supernatural, and during a session spills that Brian also doesn't remember anything.  She also approaches Enrique and Brian about breaking out of there.

Seems our schedule daily goes something like this:

Merelda brings up that those with memory problems should probably have their own group to discuss what they remember.  No one remembers anything so there's nothing to discuss, but apparently we'll do this again the next day.

May not sound like we did much, but in 2.5 hours we did a bunch of finding out the lay of the land, meeting each other, figuring out the other patients, talking to (and concealing things from) doctors.

As we go to bed the med-count was:  STEVE (Took his drugs because he thinks he's sick and needs help).  ENRIQUE (Cheeked his drugs and spit them out).  BRIAN (Tried to not take his drugs, was noticed, relented and took his drugs, but rushed back to his room and threw them up into the toilet).  MERELDA (Refused to take her drugs, but later got cornered and shot up with a hypodermic).  So that's two people drugged, one not drugged, and one who might still have some in his system (GMs discretion).

Game 02

Backstories that got us locked up (as we are told by the Doctor):  Steve  was trying to dig a hole to retrieve someone named Cecil.  Brian & Enrique set fire to a plantation in Charleston because it ate someone they knew (A baptist minister).  Merelda shot someone she knew named Harold Crawford who begged her to shoot him.  The Gateway Center is supposedly the best place in the nation for treatment of trauma and night terrors.

Day two:  Outside time.  Sleep studies.  Notes about things we find out about other inmates are added in to Game01 recap above next to their names.

During his sleep, Enrique suffers from night terrors and ends up running face first into a wall, breaking his nose.  Cleaning crew find Sam's room has torn sheets and some kind of unknown viscus substance.

Day three:  Steve has night terrors.  The rest of us just have nightmares.

Day four:  We wake up in the morning and everybody is in bad shape, including all the staff.


Game 03

Enrique goes to dream studies.  The rest of us are downstairs when Sam flips out.  He ends up shooting the guard.  Steve subdues Sam just long enough for Brian to get the guard's gun away from Sam.  Sam runs to the computer lab and knocks the door in revealing that Dr. Joshi is in pieces.

Enrique is "sleeping" and having a jellyfish dream when he is awakened by the screaming of other patients in the sleep studies area and the sound of a distant gunshot.  He is awake but he still sees the jellyfish, which move to him, so he tries to exit and go to the other labs.  Lisa's door is unlocked and once he gets in Enrique finds her screaming in terror from one of those jellyfish things.

Enrique runs downstairs.  The Jellyfish follows him downstairs, he flips out enough to develop a new personality.  In the comptuer lab, one of the jellyfish/paintspot/tentalced horrors eats Sam's head.  Another is between Enrique and Brian and the exit. Brian gives Enrique the gun and Brian gets the fire exstinguisher and they approach the paint splotch.  One creature tentacles Brian to great harm; he tries to get the door open to the exterior.  Steve hides in a room at the end of the hall.  Brian tries to "coffee" a creature (Throws hot coffee at it).  A creature moves into the antechamber between the exit door and the second exit door.

This creates an obvious problem.  We're pretty much at "two-hits and we're down" status against these things, whereas the "normals" around us are dead in one hit instantly.  Still, we attempt to get out.  Now Enrique's personality split is to a soldier, a veteran who takes care of the situation normally.  That would be good if we had any real chance of winning, but in this case we're better off fleeing.  As Mark had pointed out, "The object of the game is not to make any rolls".  Turns out he's right.  Brian tries to barrel past the creature and gets taken down with the second hit of the game.  Steve will show up shortly and try to drag him back to safety, but that leaves Merelda and Enrique facing this thing... And they opt not to run.

Both characters get injured and go down.  The police will show up shortly becaue Brian had dialed 911 in the nurse's station and left it off the hook so they rolled on the place only to find the chaos within.  None of the subsequent reports would show anything supernatural.  Seems that Sam flipped out, killed his guard and then kept taking people out.  Brian will survive due to Steve's quick action, but will end up being sent to another facility.  Steve will survive as well.  But half the party is deceased.  (HPK!)

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