For many years the Kingdom of Damara has been at war with the Kingdom of Vaasa, its neighbor to the north. Vaasa, ruled by an evil sorcerer of incredible power, has been slowly crushing its southern neighbor. Recently disaster befell the armies of King Virdin of Damara at the Battle of Goliad a little over a month ago. The king was killed and his forces routed. Now, the once-great Kingdom of Damara is a vassal state of Vaasa.
The Northern provinces of Damara are now completely under the sway of Vaasa. A steady stream of refugees has been moving south. Many were the people who had to abandon home, wealth, and friends to flee a terrible fate at the hands of the invaders.

ADDED 10/09 - XP updated, recap for game 10 (aka Cycle 2 game 4) added.

BONUSES EARNED... Note: Experience and Bonus points have different point values (see the character creation document for both charts)

In addition to the charms below and charms you purchased with your starting bonus points, you should have a level of Ox Body Technique per dot of Essence, awarded by the GM for free.

Game Charms Awarded Experience Points Bonus Points1
PRE 5 Charms2    
1 2 Charms 4  
2 2 Charms   4
3 2 Charms   4
4 2 Charms   4
5 2 Charms   4
6 1 Charm (ess2)    
  1 Charm (ess 2 or 3)   10
Cycle 2 (Here forward, all charms can be essence 2 or 3)
1 2 Charms   4
2 2 Charms   4
3 2 Charms   4
4 2 Charms (ess3)   5
  1 Charm (ess4)    
Total 26   43

1 Bonus Points awarded in-game are to be spent on things other than charms.  Charms are being awarded separately.
2 The 5 Charms does not account for a charm that could have been bought with starting bonus points.