Player: Darren





Niahlton (Pronounced Nile-Ton) was trained in various methods of holistic healing, but ultimately gravitated toward the needles.  Their ability to unlock the power centers of the body, to encourage healing and relieve pain, were unsurpassed.  The monks trained him in their use and with this knowledge he returned to his village, to help the citizens.

It wasn't until the soldiery came and conscripted him to help heal their soldiers that any of his combat abilities had to be put into practice.  There were times on the battlefield where he was forced to defend himself while helping the warriors.  He understood warfare; He didn't appreciate it, but he understood the hatred and greed of men.  He longed to return home, but he would have continued on helping those in front of him who were in need, were it not for a more sinister episode.

Two officers dragged an enemy combatant into the healing tent and demanded that Niahlton use his needles on him... not to heal, but to inflict pain.  They knew that the same ability to cut off pain would be used to heighten it.  He did as he was forced to do, despite his objections, but when it was done, Niahlton stole away in the night and returned home, to find his people in exodus.

"Surgeon General"

He is the very model of a modern healing general.
He heals the panda people, humans, terrestrials and animals.
He knows the Baron of Jadestone and he fought in fights historical
from Damaras fall to Brigand Thieves of jade mines phantasmagorical.