Joe Division:

GROG: CJ Pleasure, Cabbie

"I'm playing CJ Pleasure, a young cabbie that has aspirations to be a race car driver. Originally, from Texas, he loves his mom, his motorcycle, and the 64 mustang that he's been working on for the past 4 years (trying to get it street stock legal so he can race). He's not the brightest, but he's a charismatic, pretty boy so he gets by."

GUARDIAN:  Devon, Security Chief

MASTER:  Dr. "The Dean" Thomas, Mathematician

Robert 's Rubes of Order

GROG:  Mamma G, Cook

"I Work at a neighborhood Indian market/buffet making food, sweets, and working the register. I will mother anyone who will let me. My home is filled with little shrines, and always smells like something is cooking. I look ageless, but you might guess later fifties. I am not very good at poker, but I have the best snacks ( I cook western dishes as well, just no beef).

GUARDIAN:  Tom Monroe, Smoke Jumper

MASTER:  Grant Test, Think Tank Manager aka VINCENT CAINE.

Jeff's Separate-but-equal Society

GROG:  Mortimer Shoeshine, Shoeshine man

"I am Mortimer Shoeshine, age 40-ish, tall thin Afro-American with a gregarious demeanor, a hearty laugh, quick feet, and a penchant for conversation and socialization. Think Scatman Caruthers (from 70s movies, like The Shining). As his name would imply, he works at a shoeshine station just a block from the apartment building. Born in.....well, he never really told anyone where he was born (always, "where I grew up...") and so forth - and no one ever pressed the point or asked him. For all of his friendliness and openness and good spirits there is an unknown side to him that never seems to bother anyone, or even arise as a topic of conversation.

He knows everyone, always smiles, laughs, and says hello, strikes up a conversation, gets on everyone's good side. He knows people, places, names and things. And he can get information and gain access to people, places, and things with some degree of ease. Maybe he won't be allowed to attend a fancy uptown party in person or even receive an invite, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he will end up knowing more about what happened at that uptown party than most of the people attending it. It's his friendly demeanor (not any dark mystique) that gets him information. He is a fountain of information - customers like to share, friends converse, mere passersby on the street will often return his hello and strike up a conversation.

He has been working at this job for - well.....know one knows for certain.....perhaps a decade or more? He also tells stories of how he used to perform as a sleight of hand magician for parties and events years earlier."

GUARDIAN:  Tatiana Andropov, Chauffeur/Body Guard

MASTER:  Sebastian Egan, Journalist/Writer

Darren's League of Ladder Laborers

GROG:  Larry Crawford, Sanitation Worker

Larry is a garbage man, but his insecurity about his job has caused him to overcompensate by being incredibly neat.  There aren't many women willing to go home with a guy whose job is garbage man, so he does his best to mask his job without outright lying about it.  He's a scavenger who brings home the best of what he finds, cleans it up, and turns it into art/sculpture.

GUARDIAN:  Lev Holtz, Bomb Disposal

MASTER:  April Cutler, Astrophysicist/Minor Celebrity aka EUROPA

Alan's Anathemas  ("AA")

GROG:  Dwayne Snyder, Superintendant

GUARDIAN:  Natalia Pestova, Gymnast/Circus Performer

MASTER:  Dr. Jones, Geneticist aka THOMAS DOLBY