GAME 1 (3/28/2020 - Saturday)

Jaron (Paul), Arundel (Jim), Kann (Jeff), Gideon (Joe), Kazon (Alan), Verinitus (Darren)

Having worked together but seperated a while back to go and Ascend, we return together to the Green Griffin Inn to share tales and plot what to do next for Damara in the wake of the war with the Witch King.

We decide to head toward the problem.  We end up in a city that is overrun with refugees, caring for way more people than they have resources.  Arundel uses a miracle (fertility) to create a geyser of food.  Slightly more surreptitiously, Verinitus uses a miracle (health) to cure everyone in a 1/2mi radius of their disease.

Soon the city is seeking us out as likely responsible for these events.  We get a meeting with Baron Bloodstone.  His people question us about our abilities and Kazon's encyclopedic knowledge of nobles tells us his team is loaded with heavy hitters.  We're enlisted to go after the big dog, the Witch King.

We head that direction and encounter in flight a 12 headed, 12 winged hydra.  We set down and engage.  Fortunately for us his heads pop pretty easily.  Kan steals the beast's cold breath with his theft powers.

We sleep, get closer to castlevania/mordor.  Jaron's gift tells him the easiest way to the center of the tootsie pop is through the crevices in the base of the tower. This works for a while until we are beset by spectres.  Fortunately for us they can't drain our life, they can just do damage.  Soon they are toast, mostly because Arundel squishes them pretty well.

Kazon uses his Earth powers to get us into the wall so we can travel through it.  Once up high he lets thiefly Kan look through the floor into the room above and he finds we are adjacent to the Witch King himself!  He is quit obviously a lich.  We think about whether to pull back or attack.

END OF SESSION.  Managed to get quite a bit into 4 and a half hours.  Technology = Good.

We gained 1HP (first fight), +1 Attack (2nd fight)

GAME 2 (3/29/2020 - Sunday)

Jaron (Paul), Arundel (Jim), Kann (Jeff), Gideon (Joe), Kazon (Alan), Verinitus (Darren)

Hiding under the ground level of the castle courtesy of Kazon's earth powers, we move to the door so that Kan can sneakily look up and see if there' san army on the other side of that door.  Instead, something he can't see tries to gnaw on his melon.  He retrieves his head and ducks back underground.  We proceed to initiate our plan of attack on everything inside the big chamber.  That's the Witch King of Vasa (the lich) and his two Demon Guardians.

Kazon elects to go up in a different spot and distract the big bad guy while we spend turn coming up out of the ground.  Since Verinitus has the ability that may likely counter the Lich's death powers, she will hold for dispels.  Kazon pops up, eats a blast of abyssal energy, Kan uses his power-stealing ability to take the witch-king's ability to fire blasts of abyssal energy.  That makes him unhappy, but limits him to a few of his mortal magics and punching & kicking.  The demons however can breath fire, and do.

There's a bit of fighting, but what does most of the damage seems to be the Witch-King's protective spell that does feedback damage to his attackers.  It's a solid hour of fighting during witch Jaron goes down but is revived, and Arundel plays healer, twice, buffing everyone back to health, before the Witch King finally goes down.

The demons take a bit longer. After the first one goes down, Joe calls for a morale check on the second one (to everyone else's dismay) and the creature teleports away in a puff of smoke.  We consider pursuit but instead search for the Lich's missing phylactery.  It is found in a hidden spot by our master thief.  We break it up.

Next time we go toward a horrible abyssal gate and the likely demon lord who lives beyond.

GAME 3 ()