DARREN:  Verinitus (Var-Un-EYE-Tus), the Witch of Whiteoak

The small pastoral grove of whiteoak is now a smudge on a battlefield.  Verinitus was one in a long line of witches that aided the locals with healings, predictions, and curses.  She may now be the last in her line.  A practicioner of ancestral worship, she looks to her ancestors to aid and answer questions.  Her mate died in the defense of Whiteoak, and her daughter is missing.  She can't seem to track the girl's wereabouts, but also doesn't see her among the dead.


Verinitus was once a Neutral Cleric with a host of heals, curses, curse removals, and divining spells.  Now she's the embodiment of FATE, HEALTH and VENGEANCE as she seeks to re-level the playing field.

PAUL: Jaron

Jaron has a wife Mary and a son Haron who is just starting his military career. At 32 Jaron has travelled to all corners of the empire during his military career and has risen in the ranks of the Kings army. His skill with the sword and tactics in war are on par with his lineage. Will he prove to be better?
Education: Military School - like west point
Where to you live: with the army
Career: Military Leader
Hobbies: Military tournaments, strategy games
Faith: Normal Lawful Good diety of the realm
Pets: None
Relationships: Wife and Kid , girlfriends around the realm.
Personality: Likes: Winning a battle, good beer
Personality: Disklikes: Slackers, cowards in battle
Point of view: Living to fulfill my destiny to die a hero in combat
Motivation: to be a hero
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Connection: Save the land and people because it's my home and my loved ones. Besides, I can't
            be a hero if I fail and everyone gets enthralled by the Witch.
STR     16
DEX     14
CON    13
INT      16(8)
WIS      10
CHA     13
Effort of the Word (1)
Pavis of Blood and Iron (2)(War)
Steel Without End (1)(Sword)
The Path of Racing Dawn (2)(Journeying)


JIM: Austan Arundel


JEFF: Kannmich Nichtfinden

JOE: Gideon “One-Shot” Baylord II

ALAN: Kazon Stormhammer

Alacrity JEFF Birds  
Artifice   Cities  
Beasts JIM Dance  
Bow JOE Desert JIM
Command   Desire  
Death   Entropy  
Deception JEFF Fear  
Earth ALAN Insects  
Endurance JOE Intoxication  
Fertility JIM Madness  
Fire   Murder  
Health DARREN Music ALAN
Journeying PAUL Protection  
Knowledge ALAN Theft JEFF
Luck   Underworld  
Might   Vengeance DARREN
Night   War PAUL
Passion   Winter  
Sea   Peak Human  
Sword PAUL    
Fate DARREN    
Shapeshift JOE