Game 1 (04/11/20)

The crew individually wind up at a bar the night before we are to report.  Most don't seem to interact with each other except Klonus is walking around talking to anyone at the bar, and Cerella is being followed by Vasily because: girl.  Some nausicans (or Snausages, as Vasily calls them) are drinking real alcohol, not the synthehol from the bar, and become rowdy.  Captain Sheridan proceeds to contact star fleet to send security to deal with them.  The Nausicans overheard and come after him to pick a fight.  Sheridan and Klonus brawl with them, Vasily tries to brawl with them (but after quickly taking half his health decides to run off and threaten to destory their alcohol as a distraction).  Counselor Cerella convinces two bystanders to fight for star fleet and get involved.  Klonus goes down on a nasty hit by one of the bad guys, and eventually the security shows up and intiates some kind of video/audio pulse thing throughout the facility putting everyone down except for acting Ensign McDonald who ran out before the pulse got him.

Our stories are recorded and reconciled and then we are released.  Next day we meet at the ship, some of us recognizing one another.  The captain interviews us individually.  The counselor looks at our backgrounds from her records.

We are to set out to the Neutral zone in the Odyssey, an unusually configured scout ship.  It has photo torpedoes (which is not typical) and a shuttle that can handle 10 instead of 6.  We set off.  Our first encounter is a call for help from the Mariposa, a federation ship in trouble.  Turns out that they are under attack by two smaller ships that are on the offensive.  After being hailed they are not a recognized federation group (though they are ferengi).  They demand we leave under rules of acquisition.  We do not.  Ensign McDonald gets us through the asteroid field with only one minor bump (due to a luck-roll use).  We do a pretty good job of trashing them and Commander Camden recognizes there are three beacons in the asteroid field.

We rendezvous with the Mariposa.  Engineer Kozlov fixes the ship in 6 hours (Estimated 8, could do it in 4 if he rushed).  We are given Adorian Brandy as a gift of thanks.  Captain reports back the issues to star fleet who seem unconcerned and have us continue on our mission.

Some gold-pressed latinum is retrieved from the Ferengi ships.  Can't spot much from the remains of the beacons in the asteroid field.

On the way to our destination we pick up a strange reading of Tachyon radiation from a field in the area we are headed to, 2 days henceforth.

Game 2 (04/12/20)

The Tachyon field is being created by some sort of huge obelisk-like thing floating in space.  It is already being attended to by a Romulan bird-of-prey who threatens us.  As we try to scan everything two more decloak and chase us off. Before we can get to warp range in fleeing the obelisk go boom (because Romulans are stupid) and we are caught in some kind of wave.  We think we're dead but all are knocked unconscious.  When we awaken we're in an unknown section of space orbiting a planet in a decaying orbit.  Everything is down.  Engineering gets the Life Support up but we can only maintain one system at a time so anytime we want to run something else, like sensors, we gotta take that down and repairt the other for a few rounds.  The helmsman (not Mark, the other helsman) is dead.  We give a quick ceremony and send him into space.

The planet below seems habitable from eyeball-scan but with little other help.  So we pile into the shuttle with everything we can manage and crash land in the best place we can estimate to both survive and only bruise the prime directive.

We survive, a few people take damage but all shuttle inhabitants make it.  We try to set a fire and that requires wood so we send out Klonus, Dewittt, and McDonald so that they can retrieve wood AND be attacked by a liger.  It claws up the group pretty well for several rounds as the group try to survive.  Klonus kills the liger and carries it back for food.

We survive the liger-steaks which are gamey.  During the night we are assailed by an Owl-Bear, which comes right up and mauls Garr, one of the red-shirts. He surives long enough to leap into the back end of the open shuttle, sharing a space with Ensign Martinez, who is now at a disadvantage in dodging the owlbear.  It rips her in half and after we shoot it enough times it eventually grabs half of her and retreats for a meal.

We survive the rest of the night, but we have weird dreams about being connected to the elements, each of us being called out to.  We gain 1 power (a +1 to an attribute, a +2 to a specific skill, or one of the feat-like powers, or other spell-like power, which Jim will include in a handout he is sending us.)

Game 3 (04/15/20)

We wake up somehow changed by our dreams.  Many of us go off and try to figure out what powers they've developed.

Then we go out to look for the lair of the Feathered Terror (formerly known as the unwinged-winged terror, aka Owlbear).  Eventually the cave is discovered downstream, but when we discover the cave has 3 life readings we decide not to go in after it.  Instead we search for useful cave.  During the exploration we are assailed by 3 blood red wolves.

They promptly surround and try to chow down on Camden.  One gets nuked with a phaser hit by Korba, and then it takes us a few rounds to bring down the wolves.  One tries to get away but gets shot first.  One of them got vaporized.  The bits are brought back to the shuttle/shelter.

During the night someone thinks they see something lurking about but can't find it when they turn to look.

Next day we see a light.  Binoculars show a native of some sort (no silver hair like us, this guy is all brown and about 3/4 our size).  We do not engage.

With the batteries in the ship slowly dying, Camden hits upon a plan:  How 'bout we blow up the cave with the ship's big guns.  Our weapons officer then proceeds to absolutely trash that cave with a massive blast.  If the owlbears surivive then they deserve to eat us in our sleep.

We find a quarry full of black stone.  That reminds us that there's a ruin nearby made of black stone.  We go there and search.  First thing we find is a pack of 5 rats that surround and try to devour Korba.  It takes us a while to kill them using phasers, weapons, fire-hands, and distracting illusions.  They cause disease to Korba, and when they are slain they dissolve like they're made of acid.

There's a way up but it leads nowhere, so we go down.  At the bottom of the stairs is a door beyond which are 5 other doors.  One on the left has what we god-learners would recognize as magical runes.  The next 3 are cells, empty but for one decayed skeleton.  The door at the end has crumbling weapons.  (Mark Stepped out at this point to pick up Hunter, so I made sure we kept some of the items for later use in case McDonald wants to use them in his works.)

So we go back to the first door, open it, and are immediately rushed by a ghost.  We all make our saves and are not frightened.  Those who disengage do so and run away because the first phaser blast went right through its chest.  Camden uses his illusion power to generate a duplicate rune to the one on the door, which makes the spirit stop, giving us the opportunity to run by and get the f-out.  He's held down there probalby until the rune goes away (in about 13 minutes).  We don't know if the ghost will come back up after that.

Game 4 (04/18/2020)

In the night the ghost comes for us.  When it finally arrives, Camden manages to keep it restrained for a while through use of an illusionary dome with the same protection sigil on it that restrained it last time.  But it'll only be there so long.  A phaser goes through it, a hit with a log on fire goes through it, but when Vasily (finally) hits with his fire fist on the third attempt it seems he can actually hurt it.  The team then take turns using their flashlights to distract and blind the ghost while Camden and Korba try and interpose between the ghost and the only guy that can hurt it, Vasily.  This combination works long enough for him to finally do so damage after many, many misses.  (Note to self:  Raise attack skill)

We go back to the Ruins to explore where the ghost had been and find some loose coins and a long dead skeleton.  The rest of the ruins have nothing.  Next day we check out the Shack/hut and find nothing of use and nobody there recently.

We divide up the duties between hunting, gathering water, fishing, and exploration, as some of the guys climb to the height of a waterfall and look out across what's outside our little valley.  There's a settlement and other stuff.  Next day during our duties we encounter a group of locals who are not pleased.  They speak something that resembles an ancient version of Federation english.  Camden and Vasily both understand them.  Camden talks with them and finds that we are on lands owned by Lord Nysul (Niss-Ul) and we are not welcome.  Offering them two "healing potions" made by our alchemist (McDonald) gets us a few days of time.  But during that time some of them come back and they decide to press what they view as an advantage.  A fight breaks out during which some phaser usage scares the piss out of them.  "They've got a weather mage!"  They then flee us.

A decision is made to vacate the area.  We pack up all our goods, set some charges on the shuttle, and a massive boom goes off as the party flees the valley for... who knows where.

Worth mentioning, they referred to us as "angels" and "lying angels" and said we had the markings of angels.  Silver hair?  Federation emblems?  Faces that are less punchable than theirs?  Who knows what this means.

Game 5 (4/19/20)

We hide out and continue to travel along the edge of the mountains, hunting, fishing and trapping as we go.  The only combat encounter is with another, smaller feathered terror, which gets vaporized by a phaser shot.  Once we get within range of a settlement we start examining it from afar.  Camden mostly spots that there's a wooden palisade that the villagers are just strting to reinforce with brick, that there are guards patrolling, farms (but no buildings) outside the walls of the city, and that at dusk they do 3 chimes, followed a few minutes later by 3 more chimes, and then after that a final 3 chimes that leaves everyone who is outside filing into the city.

Eventually some of us (the slightly more articulate ones) make contact with a traveler.  In our bid to gain clothing like the locals it turns out he does not have extra except for a jacket which he gifts to the captain.  The Captain elects to go into the city to buy more clothing and has trouble with the locals.  First there's the greeting ("Peace be with you and beware the darkness" or some such phrase).  Next there's the fact that there aren't many outlets for buying clothing (It's typically done by one's family for their loved ones).  The Captain has trouble convincing the locals of his harmlessness and thus has to pull his jedi mind-trick on them to keep from getting arrested by the locals.  He heads out of town with a couple of outfits picked up at the local Chandeleria, which it seems is the general store.

Next up we head through the pass and off of Jim's map.  There we find a way-station, and the custom of knocking, entering quickly and barring the way.  The local refer to something called the "cold ones" which we are beginning to think are zombie-vampire-sun-allergic creatures because the cities seem to spend a lot of time sweeping the streets to make their ground spotless, and when we leave the way-station after a night of something clawing at the entrance we find piles of dust.

By the end of the game we make our way to a new town on the other side of the pass and get into the city.  Our hair is dyed non-silver, and two and a half of us are dressed like locals.  We've come to an Inn and gotten rooms as we reach dusk.

Game 6 (04/22/20)
Jarev Garr has been changed out for new crewman Frederic Shar, played by Evan.  The Garr for Sharr trade is approved by the league.

We spend the night at the Inn and end up being awakened by the sound of bloody murder.  This is a regular thing around town it seems.  No one knows how targets are selected, sometimes they break in and other times there's no sign of entry, but people die and sometimes stuff gets taken.

We go around town trying to corner the market on goods-that-you-should-make-at-home-but-are-buying-from-a-store.  We break up a bar of latinum into smalller bits to get some things.  We drive Jim mad with accounting questions until he just starts handing us money.  Everyone has 150 gold, plus whatever the captain is retaining. Most of us have weapons now if they want them.

Another murder happens the next night.  We get more stuff over the next few days.  We're starting to think the Chandler we're buying from may not be on the up-and-up because he's selling us swords he suddenly procured the night after the guard house is broken into, and all of them have their maker's mark's removed.

We are at a crossroads:  Head out of town (and hopefully remove the need for anyone to kill people to sell us their stuff) or stick around and try to solve the crime.


Game 7 (04/25/20)
There's a big discussion about what to do next.  We try and gather more information from two sources: The patrons in the inn who come in for a drink, and the innkeeper's wife, whom Cerella questions when she gets a chance.  Women are expected to be property; she is treated as an equal by her husband. 

All of our speculation about what to do next goes out the window when during the night an alarm is sounded and doesn't stop sounding.  The innkeeper tells us the cold ones are amassing at the gate.  We arrive and try to participate in the carnage.  We were told not to use phasers, but whent he enormity of the task becomes obvious that rule is broken.  There's a large mass combat that sees us overloading phasers (which requires an engineering or science roll since they are slowly dying) and using them as bombs.  Camden uses his illusion for crowd control, to cut off certain access points with illusionary fire.  The locals think we are air mages because of the lightning we keep throwing.

At the end of the whole thing the city is very damaged and Dr Pulaski comes out and starts healing people openly.  The Mayor, an appointee of the duke, calls us out for not saving his city more.  Our captain just rolls with it and continues his talk about possibly joining their militia and settling here, which is something we never fully decided on.

Game 8 (04/26/20)
So what now, we wonder.  Since the Captain is away for the first part we are left to our own devices.  We wind up reasoning out that if a necromancer pushed those dead onto us then he's weakened right now, and that if we let him build up a force and take down the town then they will have the opportunity to replenish their ranks with the citizens of this town.  So maybe he/she needds dealt with.  In the meantime we're informed our ordered goods are available AND there was another set of murders the night before.   Camden approaches guard captain Lari and after some failed subterfuge has to level with him about what he thinks is going on with the guy fencing stolen goods, we end up being deputized into assisting in solving the problem.  We'll get to that.

Meanwhile we head to the Mayor's place to discuss with him the idea of going after the necromancer and in return getting some sort of "proof of goodliness" that we can flash as we go from town to town.

About that stolen goods problem.  The idea becomes:  To catch someone redhanded taking the goods, we enlist Slater (the likely fence) in procuring for us something that we know exactly where he would go for it.  In this case, a couple long bows.  Seems there are two brothers (hunters) in town who trade-off going out to catch stuff while the other remains behind to watch their families.  Here's the whole idea:  He uses his stealthy capabilities to keep an eye on Slater to see if he makes contact with a supplier, meanwhile we work on his house (His is one of the damaged ones from the big fight), and we stay at his house to ambush anyone who sneaks in.

Good plan with okay execution.  On the third watch Vasily is assaulted by a Were-tiger!  Actually, this guy we surmise has multiple shapes since it turns out he entered the house through a very small hole, so he probably came in as a rat or something.  Anyway, he nearly takes Vasily out while he's sleeping but does take him out in the next turn.  Vasily screams in pain, McDonald screams in fear, and everyone rushes downstairs.  It helps that we now have Shar, who can actually do an attack power (ice) on the target.  He gets taken down and we explain the situation to the authorities.  The weretiger changes back and he's Slater himself.  Now why he'd bother to attack us once he realizes he'd been scammed is unknown.

Lari wants to wait until daylight to do anything but concerns are voiced that if there are others at Slater's place they may be doing away with evidence so we hit the Chandlerie and find it empty of anyone.  In the basement is a reinforced door that once removed heads into long dungeon tunnel.  Down said tunnel we found 3 traps.  First was a spear trap (found and disabled), second was a pit trap (found and covered with a plank), third was a collapsing ceiling trap found the hard way as bricks fall on top of Shar, whose darkvision has made him the point man.  He survives with minimal damage.  We dig out that path and decide to go back up and rest because people are injured.

Game 9 (04/29/20)
We explore the caverns some more.  We're assaulted by "Mud-babies", which are small skeletons in a heated mud pool that hurl mud at us as a form of restraint. There's a fight during which Camden fools them briefly with his illusions, Cerella blinds some of them, and the rest are killed with phaser blasts.  We follow a passage and find a hole that probably is used by our small enemy.  We backtrack.  On another length of cavern we're attacked by an enormous beetle, which proceeds to breath acid breath on Vasily and Klonus though Vasily gets the stuff off of him (he's not engaged) so he won't lose any stuff.  After we kill the beetle, Klonus has to roll to see what of his stuff survives.

The body of the merchant we killed (Slater) disappears and the guards who had custody of it are dead by violence.  No real clues there.

Some of us enlist the local hunter (Gregory) to create a few longbows.  While that's happening we go out and look for necromancers.  Turns out they are beyond the "Bone Forest".  Seems that the bones found in the area leech the life from those around them.  The doctor uses some of her "life powers" to try and follow the way the skeletons went.  It's hard to tell direction in the bone forest.  We head home.

Game 10 (05/02/20)
During the day some farmers are assaulted in the fields by a gigantic bird, which the locals call a Roc.  We Rush out there to fight it.  It actually kills two farmers but it takes some phaser blasts and winds up trying to flee, ultimately succumbing to its injuries.  Bird meat for everyone!  And I mean everyone.

We clear the catacombs, finding more traps and then a room that used to be some kind of bed chamber, now just littered with bloody bits of rotting meat.  Something (likekly our former Chandler and his son) has been dining on people down here.  Among the things found in the rubble and bone is a placard for the federation ship GRYPHON and its crew.  Star date on the dedication plaque is 60 years before the star date of when we got thrown here; there are some who remember the Gryphon and its sudden disappearance over 50 years ago.  Also there's some meteorite ("Star metal") which can be used by potion boy to extend the shelf-life of his products.

When we get back upstairs one of the bows has arrived.  There's a long discussion and then we decide to go after the necromancer once the second bow shows up.  We try to mark our way in the woods and it helps a little (plus Vasily's newly embraced interest in survival skills), but we are attacked by Stirges (one per).  Some get away after sucking blood, while others go down like bloody pinatas.  We try to head back and lose an hour on wandering the forest.  When we get out, it's too late to get to the city so we head to the closest way station (not far) and hold up overnight.  Next day we go back and Dr. Pulaski's "life sense" helps her determine which direction to go.  Once we arrive there we find a cave with a 50' radius deadzone around it where nothing grows and there are no bones, just dirt.  The captain goes into it to test and some kind of life-draining negative force tries to suck his life out, so he runs back.  It's decided that since someone can get to the cave in one move, our healthiest individual will go there, and that's Klonus.  With benefit of some kind of buff from Pulaski, he runs there and survives.  He can't see too far inside but sees bone.  Lt. Shar runs over since he can see in the dark and he survives also.  He can see that there is an enormous bone bridge made from the spine of some dragon-like being (Draco-lich) across an underground chasm.  We could all run across and try to survive but Dr Pulaski will likely be very weak and unprotected by then.  So we pull bakc and head to the city to decide what to do next.

Game 11 (05/06/20)
We spend a lot of time talking then opt to go after the necromancer after a week of activity in the town.  We stay overnight at the lovely waystation inn #2 with all the amenities.  After that we make an rare straight trip to the cave.  After using potions to bolster our resistance we run into the cave.  Inside with only minor injuries we start to cross one at a time.  Frederic is first across and gets attacked immediately by 4 horrible skeletal things that claw the crap out of him.  He's lucky to get away.  They get stalled by an illusionary wall of fire, they takes some ranged damage and get toasted by a punch by Vasily (eventually), then he goes down from massive amounts of damage and rolling defense like it didn't exist.  The group rallies to take down the skeletons and then we have to camp overnight at the cave entrance.

During the night a group of cold ones edge across the bridge.  Camden plays fire-warden trying to bottle them up so we do one at a time. McDonald uses vines to grapple them.  Klonus starts wasting them with lightning.  There's some clever subterfuge involving illusionary bridging that makes a few fall into the pit.  There's more shooting.  We eventually opt to flee back across the deadzone and out of the forest, hotly pursued by cold ones.  After a lot of aided rerolls to cover the people who are failling their rolls we eventually make it to the way station.  The dead bang on the outside all night.  We are badly injured.

Game 12 (05/09/20)
Deliberations this week are about whether to stay and fix the dead-guy problem or blow town.  The night that we escaped the cavern and barely made it to the waystation we were pursued by two mobs.  Well, that same night the city was attacked by two small mobs.  So it seems that this cavern is producing the area's cold ones, like a spawn point in a video game.  We decide to blow the bridge.  McDonald puts together mroe potions to help us resist the dead zone.  Pulaski takes on a protege among the locals to teach her how to treat wounds.  We head out to the caverns when we have what we need.

For us it turns out to be a fairly simple operation.  We navigate the woods (on the first try), Camden and Vasily go in and Vasily finds the right spot and overloads a phaser and the duo run; it blows up and the bridge is taken out.  They make it safely back through the deadzone and then the go back to the waystation, sleep over night, and head back to town.  On the way a smaller Roc tries to attack but crashes hard into the ground because some easier prey appears in the form of illusionary sheep in an optical illusion pit.  It hits the ground on the swoop in hard enough to hurt itself badly and then we kill it and take Roc meat back to town where Granger cooks it up for everyone.  There's a small party where everyone is approached by various families trying to pawn off their daughters as consorts.

We leave the protege (Evie, I think?) in charge of the hospital and blow town with a letter of introduction from the Mayor.  Incidentally, the paper may not be good for us in some areas where maybe there's a certain hostility for the land it was written in.  As we travel the road toward Southwind, we find on the road ahead of us is the young protege to Pulaski.  Seems she wants to go out and see the world.  We try to discourage her but mostly Pulaski will look out for her so we try and outpace her, which takes a few hours.  Trying to convince her to go back, Camden creates an illusionary cold-one out of nowhere and she sees right through it.  It's a few more hours before she agrees to go back reluctantly, so we escort her back to town and then set out again.

Most of the travel is uneventful.  They don't recognize us in Southwind, so we're fine.  We head to Eastwind along the way we encounter an injured Wingless Terror and with its limited mobility we are able to kill it.  We backtrack its trail of blood and find an injured bow hunter who is nearly dead  Pulaski brings him back to sufficient health and we get him to East Wind, and he gets us through the gates and pays for our lodging with the bounty he got off the "terror".  Word in town is that Ehtrain, the son of Duke, has gone out to fight "the dead king" and not been heard from, though..

On the way to Winterhaven we find a group of thieves who are polishing off a few old men in a wagon.  They decide we owe them "tax", so we rain down hell on them.  Now they're taking ice from Frederic, fire from Vasily, lightning from Korba, illusionary walls of fire from Camden, and bow shots from others.  When we defeat them we throw all bodies in the wagon, take the surrenderers to Winterhaven, and turn them over.  The town treats us suspiciously as we arrive with dead people and captives.  The captain gives our letter of introduction which backs us up to a degree.  No one tells them about an important thing we found on the bandits:  A scroll which is a condolence letter regarding the death of Ethrain, the man who rules Winterhaven.  Seems he died in his campaign against the Dead King and that is bad for the rest of us.

Game 13 (05/13/20)

In our usual roundabout way we end up going to the man who schedules appointments with Lord Ethrain.  Seems that while he’s away and his consort is acting as regent, it is not known that she’s acting as regent.  In fact, most think he’s going to be gone for so short a time that there’s no point in appointing a replacement.  So our appointment is with “Ethrain” but first we are interviewed by one of his people, who reads the scroll and lets us know that was sent weeks ago so the troops they’ve been waiting weeks for aren’t coming.
We wind up negotiating some money and assistance off of him in return for going out to find and eliminate the Dead King.  Terrifying as that is since we were only facing a “Necromancer” and had trouble, we now realize that where he went was where we went.  We basically have to backtrack down toward the pass between this region and the region we came from, go in and defeat the dead king.
I don’t recall any specific encounters on the way south.  We did go through all the same towns.  McDonald makes all the necessary potions.  We go into the forest, make it across the dead zone, and inside the cavern is a newly constructed half-bone/half-wood bridge.  As we set up to cross, now that we know what to look for, Frederic’s darkvision lets him spot 6 cold ones (not necessarily like the four that we fought last time; these are probably more like regular cold ones) on the underside of the bridge ready to attack. And that’s where we paused.

Game 14 (05/16/20)

Much of the team who were present for the previous game when we set up on at the bridge for the fight do not show up for the start of this game.  So it’s Frederic, Camden, McDonald, Vasily, and Dr Pulaski.  We take a while to formulate a plan and that ends up being this.. Camden uses walls of (illusionary) flame to funnel the cold-ones under the bridge into a single file, McDonald controlled the group with his vine grappling attack, and Frederic devised a trap using a rope loop and a boulder (so one or more of them would be pulled over the side when the boulder was pushed) and Camden controlled that, and Vasily sat at the center of the illusionary walls and punched with his fire fists.  Some of our last phaser blasts were used, we wound up defeating the six cold-ones.  We safely made our way across the bridge.

Going down the passages we pass a few passages where we can hear shambling, so we try to avoid those.  Eventually we end up in a large chamber with many exits, and one large iron door.  Vasily picks the tumblers and this thing opens.  A small cloud of noxious toxic gas pours out at ground level.  There’s some consternation about what’ll happen if someone falls into that cloud and if we kick much of that up when walking, but we eventually do continue because—Necromancer.

At the end of this hall is another door, this one wooden, with gas seeping into the hall from underneath it.  Once opened, the Cordial Necromancer (a great name for a bar) proceeds to address the first in, bidding him welcome, telling him to bring his friends, and being thankful for conversations since he doesn’t get much of that.  We ruin the mood by attacking.

The Dead King summons five cold ones to help out.  (By now most of our team has filled out.)  There’s a large brazier next to Deady spitting out a constant stream of gas.  A few characters decide to focus on shooting that with their phasers.  Vasily does some nasty damage to the Dead man with one hit, but misses the next time and is dropped right after that by laser death eye beams.  Fortunately he falls a found after the brazier is destroyed, to the Dead King’s dismay, thus ending the flow of gas.

Takes a while but the monster is defeated, and then after that his minions.  We find the key to the room we’re in, lock the room and rest overnight.  Next day we head back to town with the sword belonging to Ethrain’s family, and Ethrain’s head, which has been necromantically preserved.
We go to the town nearby (Fendrad?) and let them know the threat is disposed of.  We get a writ of friendship to replace our writ of introduction.  The head and sword get returned to Winterhaven.


Game 15 (05/20/20)