Player Characters

(Lord) CREON (Paul)

House Atlas.  Destined ruler of Atlantis.



House Autocthon.  Crafter/Alchemist who intends to change the world with his inventions.

5'10", 175 lbs, Long white hair, blue eyes, bronze skin, clean shaven, ugly, craggy face (Hephaestus-like), slightly misshapen (Hunch-backed), but strong with desxtrous hands.



House Azaes.  Epic Archer and Hunter



House Diaprepes.  Famed Gladiator/Wrestler, driven by the need to compete.

Renowned and extremely self-absorbed gladiator,/wrestler, a guy who will go anywhere for a fight.  Tall, buff, hair currently short (stubble), with all kinds of scars and such.



House Gadeirus.

5'9", 210 lbs, curly black hair and earthy brown eyes.  He has the muscular body and calloused hands of a very practiced blacksmith.  He's a fighter type and is fairly adept at the great trident.


ONUS (Alan)

House Atlas.  Ninja Diplomat. 



House Atlas.  Warrior and Military Strategist.

A Military leader/office type.  6'1", 200 lbs, short black hair and light green eyes, pale skin and complexion, usually clean shaven, somewhat attractive, athletic.