Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Affiliations:  The Sentinels.  Resides at the House of Rain

Description:  Late 40's, Red Hair, Blue Eyes, Physically Fit.

Background:  Widow.  Husband was abusive.  Died under a train.  She was suspected but no charges ever brought (she claims innocence).  Met with the Materna, an organization of women who are cleavage"marked" by the Infinitum, an band of demons who use women in order to be reborn into this world.  They adopted her as one of their own because of the scar around her eye -- the 'Double Nullset', a circle with two lines through it... the "brand" put on women by the Infinitum when they feel the woman can birth one of them back into this world.  She was taught the art of teleportation by a benefactor, a man who makes himself known to the group whenever it's convenient for him.  She protected them for nearly two years until she met the Sentinels.

After a mission with the Sentinels, she returned to the Materna to find them gone.  Being experts at remaining hidden, she knew she'd never find them again unless they tried to find her.  So she has remained with the Sentinels as their "transportation" into and out of fights.  She is not heavily defensive and her attacks are often lethal, so she tends to stay out of combats herself.

After an inability to bond with the team left her depressed and alone, she put on some of weight.  Eventually, to lose weight she shifted her self-destructive behavior to other areas, going on a reckless spree of self-exploration and one-night stands.  She's come out of that long, dark tunnel with a more focused view of what she wants out of life and an attraction to women.

Marla KandinskyMarla Kandinsky

Affiliations: Former Neighbor of Milosh Blyth, now neighbor of Sleepwalker.

Description:  Age 28, brown hair, brown eyes, attractive, no known superpowers, except that she can somehow pierce the veil.

Background:  Mostly unknown (as yet).  It's known that she has played the cello since she was young, has been on drugs to treat depression since she was a child, and used to participate in motocross, having multiple professional level photos of herself flying through the air.  She's an exceptional cello player, and after meeting the group and having her soul restored to her, has dropped the medication and her playing has improved to the point that she's been promoted to 1st Chair Cello of Lazarus' world famous "Pacific Coast Symphony".  She can still see and recognize the team for what they are, even with her soul restored to her.

LuminaSky Littleton

Affiliations:  Friend and occasional lover of Witch Hammer, employed by Hellfire Tattoos following incarceration at The Keep.

Description:  Mid 20's, dyed blonde hair (black roots), brown eyes, many tattoos, often dressed in revealing clothing.  Wears glasses when she tattoos or reads.

Background:  Former super-powered criminal trying to go on the straight-and-narrow.  She and Bridge seem to know each other.

Detective MarloweDetective Marlowe

Affiliations:  Lazarus Police Department

Description:  Mid-50's, Salt-and-Pepper hair (more salt than pepper), often dressed in a trench coat because his wife thinks he should look like the cops on TV.

Background:  Detective with the LPD, his involvement in several high-profile magic-related cases has caused him to be the department's go-to guy for crimes no one else wants to handle and can claim are magical.  He's wise enough to pick through them for actual magical crimes.  He doesn't like his new position and misses catching conventional criminals, but it's a new world out there and he's earned some prestige because of his openness to the weird.  He's a no-nonsense guy but believes in the old adage about giving people enough rope to hang themselves, so he lets them talk and either is pleasantly surprised when they're telling the truth, or when he catches them in a big fat lie.

The Flock

The Flock: OmenOmen
Slavic (Russian?)
Raven wings.
By all accounts, unpleasant.
12-year old girl
Inherited classic white angel wings from BrightHawk
A healer, she currently works out of "The Lighthouse"
Fashion Model
Based in Europe
Her wings are pure light, which she can reshape, often worn as a halo when not flying.
Private Investigator.
Tricked into gaining her black wings from Nix.  They are not permanently set yet, so their corrupting influence is not permanent yet.
She's a highly trained markswoman and former undercover cop.
Hungry SoulHungry Soul 
A late-20's voodoo practicioner who lives in Vibora Bay.  Known to feed off of the energies of others.
BrighthawkBrightHawk (Currently Wingless)
52 year old woman (looks 30)
Last year gave up her wings after 22 years to Dove
Currently acts as her guardian.
Works out of "The Lighthouse"
CarrionBirdCarrion Bird (Currently Wingless)
Mid-30s scientist who has shifted the balance of her work to "jetpacks" since losing her wings.
She owned a pair of wings that had been stolen from Skylark.  When she learned this she returned them.
NixNix (Currently Wingless)
Changes her appearance regularly.  Now has black wing tattoos on her shoulder blades.
Existence has only been known for a couple months.
Her wings are currently on Lucretia.
(No picture available) 
BlackfeatherBlack Feather
23 year old Native American woman
For the most part she has spent the past few years helping her people (Native Americans) but now she seems to have put focus on winning the Emerald Eye.

The Coven

Private Investigator.
Most recent member.  Has helped the 52 Daughters so often that she's been made a member of the Coven, their "superhero" arm.
Hacker and Technomancer 
A true albino, she dyes her hair magenta and wears oversized cloaks, cowls, and other heavy clothing
Mid-20's, blonde, pettite
A martial artist
She wears a phantom-of-the-opera style half-mask over the left half of her face.
Doc AlchemyDoc Alchemy

Phantom LimbPhantom Limb

Affiliations: Vibora Bay police department's Paranormal Response Unit (PRU)

Description:  Late 40's, graying hair, military bearing, missing right arm.  Sleeve of his trench-coat inflates when he manifests his telekinetic arm.

Background: Detective Wright, former Marine, lost his arm in the middle east, now heads the PRU, the premiere unit of its kind in the country and the model for "CSU: New Orleans" tv show.