Your Rogues Gallery of encounters (so far)


Volume 1, Issue 1

A Walk In The Park

Fought the characters in a public park.  Their purpose, thus far unknown.  Several non-park services surveillance cameras were found.

Utility Gadgeteer Freelance Mercenary At Large
Herculan Brick Freelance Mercenary In Custody
Lodestone Magnetist Freelance Mercenary In Custody
Mirage Unknown Freelance Mercenary At Large
Ogre Brick Freelance Mercenary Captured, Later escaped

Movin' On Up

Seized an office building using high powered energy weapons.  Served as a diversion for the Blackstars, who were using a disguised traffic helicopter to land on another building crosstown.

Highly armed thugs Energy Weapons 40T Street Gang In Custody


Volume 1, Issue 2

The Ex-Communist Conspiracy

Using the thugs from Issue 1 as diversion, they siege Armitage Pharmaceuticals, home of the transformative drug, HXL.  Takes place on a pyramid shaped building.  They do not get the HXL as they turned their attention to Orland who they seemed to recognize (as a member of the Soviet organization Checkmate).

Blackstar Soldiers Power Armored Agents Blackstar Brigade (Mercenaries) At Large
Shockwave Molecular Disruption Freelance Mercenary At Large

Secret Base Here!

The team finds some breadcrumbs to follow and tracks down the location where the Blackstars have taken Orland.  They liberate Cipher in the process; a Russian who can interpret languages.

Blackstar Soldiers Power Armored Agents Blackstar Brigade (Mercenaries) Some In Custody
Shockwave Molecular Disruption Freelance Mercenary In Custody


Volume 1, Issue 3

Blink's Cybercafe and Gun Range

After lots of non-battle activity, the team is routed to a problem by Audra Blue, whose friend, Lucretia, is being followed by superpowered trouble.

Fallout Energy Projector The Predators In Custody
Battery Brick The Predators In Custody
Krieger Energy Projector The Predators In Custody
Lumina Tattooed Illusionist The Predators Captured, Escaped Later
Newton Gunman The Predators In Custody

Fire Sale

A routine patrol turns up a mall on fire.  After putting out the fire, the team deals with a number of people who are flaming and trying to attack other people.  Turns out they are the victims of some kind of perfume chemical that is causing them to burst into flames.

Fire Zombies Actual burning people No affiliation Extinguished and put to rest

Volume 1, Issue 4

Two Balls, Yer Out

Free tickets to the Lazarus Prophets opening day game results in a fight with a vengeful former player (Wild Child) and a group of others there to assist her.  An appearance is put in by Rodeo Clown's "Hunted".  They villains planted a bomb with an unknown biological payload; bomb was destroyed by Rift.

Wildchild Energy Projector Zero (Minion) In Custody
Zero Energy Projector The Infinitum Banished from this world
Blackout Mentalist Zero (Minion) In Custody
Sharpshooter Gunman Zero (Minion) In Custody

Un-Natural History

The team goes to the museum to meet with a local contact who turns out to be Anthem.  The hunted of her (and several PCs), VIPER, shows up and a fight breaks out.  A one-sided ass kicking takes place.

Viper Agents Puny Humans Viper In Custody


Volume 1, Issue 5

Don't Pay the Ferryman

Downtown, a mysterious skeletal figure, known as Void, is floating through town on a boat, in a massive cloud, turning people into fire zombies as he goes.

Void Burning Skeleton The Infinitum Banished from this World
Fire Zombies Actual burning people No affiliation Extinguished and put to rest

Journey into Darkness

Clues about geomancy and the alteration of lay lines, send the heroes to 43rd street, scene of the demise of the previous team of heroes.  There they encounter various anomalies, journey through the basement, and encounter the Black Pope and his group in a dark chamber below the city.  They defeat him, rescue Muse (Magdalene) who was alive but possessed, and put to rest Gossamyr (Monarch) who was dead and the release of the Black Pope's evil influence caused her to crumble to ash.  Crucifier is no longer possessed and reverts to "Coffin Nail Joe" Bellamy, Anthem's father, and is put in prison for his various other crimes.

The Black Pope Mentalist The Black Mass Deceased
Magdalene Power Enhancer The Black Mass Changed back to Muse
Monarch Energy Projector The Black Mass Deceased
Crucifier Projectiles The Black Mass In Custody


Volume 1, Issue 6

Go Go Oni Agents!

Investigating the factory where Anthem and her (now missing) group captured the infamous "Doctor", they are assaulted by Dr. Terwelleker's "Hunted", agents of ONI, a Japanese conglomerate that employees anime style ninja-like teams with minor superpowers and great team work.

ONI Agents Energy Projectors ONI Unit in custody

The Dark Path

Exploring further beneath the city (mostly because of disappearances) the characters come across some strange, twisted people, corrupted by the odd power flows.  They do not interfere with "the Corrupted" or their steam-powered, Geoff Gardner style robot, Atlas.  No fight takes place right now.  That robot was constructed by the Evil Geoff Gardner that you don't meet until the end of Volume 2 of the game.

Atlas Hot Brick The Corrupted/Evil Geoff Gardner At Large
The Corrupted Bricks The Corrupted At Large

Bridge to Maternity

Characters find the underground temporary residence of The Materna.  Bridge evacs the women almost immediately, as it seems the heroes have lead Zed, one of the Infinitum, to their lair.  The team engages him.  They convince Bridge they mean no harm by actually assisting in her fight with Zed.  Bridge is one of the reported missing.

Zed Fear projector The Infinitum Banished


Volume 1, Issue 7

Storming the Castle

The team breaks into The Keep to stop the execution of "The Doctor" by the evil minion of the Black Pope, The Warden, who is armed with many devices that have been taken off of superpowered prisoners.  He escapes.  During the siege, Eldritch shows up and uses the team's invasion as diversion so he can go after a pirosner, Null, member of the Infinitum, and kill him.  Eldritch later explains (at the heroes' base) that this was the only way he could safely gain access to Null to dispatch him.  Apparently, he has a thousand(s) year old grudge against the Infinitum.

The Warden Normal The Black Mass At Large
Prison Security Agents The Warden PRIMUS
Eldritch Mage Unaffiliated At Large


Volume 2, Issue 1

Project St. Patrick

"Driving the Snakes out."  PRIMUS steps up thanks to appointing Uncle Slam their acting head.  The team is given intel by PRIMUS showing the likely proximity of a Viper base.  They watch the neighborhood then go in and do some snake stomping.

Charmer Mentalist VIPER In Custody
Hood Brick VIPER In Custody
Viper Agents Agents VIPER In Custody

Let's All Go to the Maul

Couch Potato sees on TV that the Galleria is under attack.  Bridge ports the group in and they have to deal with Foxbat and his people, not all of whom are on the same page.  It seems some of them are there not for the world's larges cubic zirconium (Fobat's goal), but the members of GRAB, who are all about greed, agreed to this because they were lied to about the potential profit.

Foxbat Energy Projector Himself at Silent Pines Asylum
Foxbatboy Energy Projector Foxbat Fan Club at Silent Pines Asylum
Foxbatgirl Energy Projector Foxbat Fan Club at Silent Pines Asylum
Black Diamond Brick GRAB In Custody
Cheshire Cat Martial Artist GRAB In Custody
Blue Jay Energy Projector GRAB In Custody
Hummingbird Mentalist GRAB In Custody


Volume 2, Issue 2

Fatal Attractions

Couch Potato's favorite bad TV show "To Save the World" has a new theme park, Omega World!  He insists the team go because of the free tickets.  There, things begin to go terribly wrong because the Black Harlequin has hijacked the park's controls.

Black Harlequin Gadgeteer Himself In Custody
Various Toys varied Black Harlequin Destroyed
Animated Knights Swordsmen Black Harlequin Destroyed

Tokyo Drift

A baby godzilla analog is making its way to the city from the ocean.  It was driven there by the activities of Sea Life Project.

Zorgotha (jr.) Giant Monster Monsters of Monster Island Sea Life Project


Volume 2, Issue 3

Graves Both Watery and Shallow

An old tyme Submarine is reported to the team by the so-called "Bay Mermaid".  The sub is a very small craft in old-school Jules Verne style and has a strange phosphorescent coral on it and two pieces of metal of unique composition attached to it.  Investigation of the harbor leads to a shack, a shallow grave, and discovery of one of the long missing team members and friend of Anthem.  Players avoid a disastrous situation by "managing" Paragon, the missing girl's father, so that he doesn't blow a gasket and become someone they have to stop.  (He's retired, but called the "Most Powerful Hero on the Planet".)

UNTIL volunteers a ship big enough to handle Zorgotha (jr.) from last game, if the team will escort it all the way to Japan, to their private "Monster Island" reserve.  Apparently it was somehow transported from the island to just off our shores.  The ship is assailed at sea by a large number of Ninjas and two of the leaders of ONI.

Arashi (Tempest) Martial Arts Master ONI Sea Life Project
Koushi (The Heir) Ancestral Sorceror ONI Sea Life Project
34 ONI Ninja Troops Martial Artist Agents ONI Sea Life Project

Scourge of the Deep

On their way to delivering Zargotha (jr.) the team reaches Sea Life Project, who are not happy with having to give up the creature.  During a tour, the team are turned on to the fact that maybe Dr. Bond is not a good guy.  The subsequent fights (on base and in the water) result in the capture of Dr. Bond and a clue that she has in some way been in contact with Dr. Terwelleker, as she sent him a message to "save himself".

Dr. Bond Scientist Herself Sea Life Project
Landshark Hideous Anomaly Dr. Bond Sea Life Project
Coral Hideous Anomaly Dr. Bond Sea Life Project
Pincers (3) Hideous Anomalies Dr. Bond Sea Life Project
Nereid Fish Communicator Dr. Bond Sea Life Project
Inviso-shark Hideous Anomaly Dr. Bond Sea Life Project


Volume 2, Issue 4

Alpha Male

Bridge gets everyone back to shore after the Zargotha transfer.  Time is of the essence since it seems Dr. Terwelleker has been 'warned' that the jig is up and they want to get back to base right now.  Short on heroes this time around (we'll say the others were overseeing the monster rather than leave him vulnerable to theft), they have a short-handed fight with Dr. T's experiment, named ALPHA.  His mutancy experiments have led him to take all the DNA he could find around the base and jam it into one cloned organism, which he grew to full adulthood but is now wrecking the lab and writing all over the base walls.  After the heroes snap him out of it (by showing up) he heads for the basement holding cell and the location of a Captive he wishes to destroy.  After defeating him, heroes return to Sea Life Project and get him all the way to Japan to Monster Island reserve.

Alpha Psychic Clone of "The Doctor" Himself In Custody

The Japanese give the characters information about the sub (Der Valkyrie) from their old WWII era files, and Dr. Terwelleker's association with Henri LeCoeur (Crypto Zoologist) and Dr. Bond (Marine Biologist) and their use of HXL to create mutant superpowers in animals.


Volume 2, Issue 5

God Damn Dirty Apes

The determiner for where to go next (Aquan Industries, makers of Sea Life Project, or out to the Atlantic site of the sunken submarine) is decided when Dr. Terwelleker calls.  He says there is something bad happening at Aquan Industries and they need to act.  Upon arrival he surrenders to the team, any 'evil' he's responsible for he claims wasn't evil but scientific curiosity.  Characters go into AI (whose parking lot they are in) and engage a team of evolved apes.  At one point a terrific accident caused by a botching player is the impetus for turning Dr. Le Coeur into a superpowered ape creature, Killgore.

Monkey Crew Trained Monkeys Henri Le Coeur In Custody
Koko Guerilla Henri Le Coeur Silent Pines Asylum
Killgore Evolved Ape-Man Himself In Custody
Mr. Wiggle Mutated Monkey Henri Le Coeur In Custody
Brutus Mutated Monkey Henri Le Coeur In Custody
Oz Mutated Monkey Henri Le Coeur In Custody
Sonic Death Monkey Mutated Monkey Henri Le Coeur In Custody

The Battle of Midgard

Dr. Le Coeur and the Apes were at A.I. trying to steal a sub so they could rendezvous with someone else and deliver text books, gadgets, and other modern technology to the bigger nazi sub, Jormungander.  Characters go out to the rendezvous point using Sea Life Project's sub (donated for their use by the new director).  They find the massive, massive sub and invade.  At the end of the fight there's a flash and they find themselves and the sub someplace else.

Grendel Mutant freak Jormungandr crew Allied Custody in 1943
Jaegerin Militarist? Jormungandr crew Allied Custody in 1943
Schreckmacher Energy Projector Jormungandr crew Allied Custody in 1943
Magnabots Magnetic robots Jormungandr crew Disabled


Volume 2, Issue 6 (The one without a recap)


The characters find themselves back in 1943.  The time repercussions concern everyone on board.  They do battle throughout the ship, defeating agents of the Reich.  The ship had the coordinates to Atlantis, and during their brief stay in the future, they made allies of a group of Atlantean rebels who seek to overthrow the Queen of Atlantis.

(villain) (type) Jormungandr crew Allied Custody in 1943
Jotun Brick Jormungandr Crew Allied Custody in 1943
Parzifal Brick Jormungandr Crew Allied Custody in 1943
Die Spine Martial Artist w/gadgets Jormungandr Crew Allied Custody in 1943


The team makes it back to their time, a split second from when they left but some distance away.  They find themselves near Atlantis.  They first meet some Atlantean soldiers and submit without a fight.  Taken to the city they get to meet the Queen, who is an old "friend" of Uncle Slam.  They meet a man who looks just like him.  The rebels attack, as they often do and the group goes to speak to the rebels, peaceably, but as expected, do battle.

(villain) (type) Atlantean Rebels Atlantean Custody
"evil" Geoff Gardner Gadgeteer Himself/The Reich/Rebels Deceased?
Atlas II Robot Evil Geoff Gardner Destroyed
Ernest Thule Sorcerer Atlantean Rebels/Nazis  



Volume 3, Issue 1