Issue #7 (October 25th, 2003)




Porcupine Jones
Nether-region Girl
Shrieking Carrot
The Bambino
Canadian Hoser

Yes, there was a game 7.  Unfortunately, I am unable to track down the write-up for that date.  So these are the details I can recall, pending sudden appearance of a game 7 write-up discovered by some packrat of a player.  As a result, this will be mostly "bullet points" of what happened.

After a discussion, a decision is made that the players must invade The KEEP, the city's super-prison, and stop the execution of "The Doctor".  The fear is that his demise will cause a terrible calamitous rupture in space/time and free something that shares the body with its original inhabitant.

Audra Blue was involved in the planning of the prison's security so she knows some things about the way it's run.  She tells the players about what the layout is and where the entry point should be.  Bridge has volunteered to put the group inside in the clearest spot that Audra Blue can pinpoint.

Shut-in Audra Blue actually volunteers to help on this mission.  (Basically, B4 could have done the system monitoring, but as GM I didn't like the idea that one player would be left out of the action; I'd already had that happen once, at the stadium, when Mark's character didn't get there until the end.)

The only way Audra Blue can get into the prison and not freak out due to her agoraphobia is with the help of Muse, so she uncharacteristically asks the woman's help (they don't like each other much) and Muse agrees.  Muse's ability to control emotions will keep Audra in the game.

It's likely he will be in his cell and so a plan is created.  Uncle Slam will not be told because it's expected he would not side with the heroes, being the law and order type.  (This is actually a good decision.  Troops would have been readied and  U.S. himself would have been there.)

The group ports in and Audra Blue is set down at the control panel while one group manages to control troops in the area.  On the censors, the cell where The Doctor should be is empty!  Censors show that The Doctor has been moved to the execution room!  Seems the warden has decided to move up the schedule and perform the execution now.  He was The Black Pope's man on the inside, there to bring about the End Time.

As the players proceed to battle troops on the inside and a team teleports to the execution room using the monitors (Something that I've been reading about lately and turns out is illegal, but hey, it was nice and cinematic), the others spot Eldritch, supposed "Hero" and former member of the original Sentinels.  It seems he's using the situation to get at someone he could not previously get to; An ancient enemy and member of The Infinitum (a group of 5 demonic brothers, some of whom the players have already fought).  He uses the opportunity to destroy one.

The heroes get to the execution room and stave off attempts to execute The Doctor.  Some of the heroes are very injured in these attempts (including Bridge, who is not built for combat; She has "last resort" offense, which she's both too injured to use here and likely to kill all the heroes too due to their area effect).

The heroes manage to get him out of the base and leave the Warden behind.

Fatalities on the mission:  Two.  One as the entity whom Eldritch came there to dispatch, using the team as a diversion.  The second was a guard who took a seriously strong killing attack and was left to bleed to death on the tile.

The heroes get back to the base and put The Doctor in storage in a cell.  Questioning reveals the following information:

He doesn't remember much of who he is.  He's not from this dimension.  An entity has entered him and used his body as a vessel to get to this dimension.  During the times that it is here he doesn't remember anything.

The team realizes there are ways to fix this by dispatching him back to his home dimension but it requires certain spells and such from a book in Eldritch's old room.  Speaking of which, guess who shows up...

Eldritch has enough access to get into the lobby, but that's all.  He is there to ask that the being in their custody be executed.  He explains that the man in the prison and the entity inside this guy are extra-dimensional, demons who are brothers.  He has spent hundreds of years looking at all the permutations of the timeline and decided this gambit with The KEEP was the best opportunity he had to slay them both.  Unfortunately, he only got one.  He asks you kill the other.  Between the team and he, you've dispatched 3 of the four brothers already, and the fifth one has never gained entrance.  They could remain trapped in their own hell if this one is killed in this physical body.

As some of the players rush down to the lobby, hot-headed Duplicity mouths of and threatens Eldritch.  Eldritch dares him to come down and face him.  But come the time to fight, Eldritch merely leaves.

When asked about it, Uncle Slam says that he might have been more than the team could handle, but also he could easily have been leaving because he saw the result of the fight.  He's a prophet of sorts; His main gift being the ability to see the eventual results of current actions, so he can decide accordingly.

At the end, the team is safe, but there are other repercussions, which will be discussed the pre-game notes for the next games.