These are the characters you were playing, with small updates where necessary to give the status of each.

Active Heroes

Inactive Heroes


B4 - Android, Brick, Energy Projector

Player: Jeff

An amnesiac construct discovered at newly broken ground for a construction site. His chronometer and memory files seemed to be off by a bit. The chronometer seemed to be unbroken, and so once it was adjusted to the proper time, he has been keeping perfect time since. According to TACHYON, the projection from the future who communicates with RIFT, B4 was sent back in time to monitor the activities of the Black Pope because of his aim of bringing about the "End Times". Sent back to 300 AD, it's likely (but not proven) that he may have put himself into a shutdown mode after running low on power and being unable to return to the time he comes from, and has been asleep 'til the day he was uncovered again.  B4's memory long term memory seems to be impaired in that he does not recall anything form before he was awakened.

First Appearance:  Vol.1 Issue #5.

UPDATE:  Current theory is that B4 buried himself in a location where he would be awakened thousands of years later but that degradation to his memory was an unforeseen circumstance.  Documentation found in the Black Pope's lair indicates that he was

BILLY RAY - Martial Artist

Player: Paul

Former bouncer and security specialist with extraordinary strength and durability, turned hero.  He briefly did work in the private sector (During Volume 2, when Paul was living up in Folsom and couldn't participate in games).


Player: Joe

Radiation is a strange mistress.  His powers involve him invoking images from television that act out their violence on his foes.

Also a character without much exposure of his back story

DR. TERWELLEKER - Scientist, Mutant Specialist

Player:  Robert

German born scientist with an armored transport vehicle and a number of inventions, he seemed to be in this "superhero" game for the use of the base's tremendous lab and the proximity to all this superhero DNA.

UPDATE:  Dr. T. was approached by Rift who brought him a sample of DNA and wanted to know if this person would develop mutant powers.  With the DNA in hand and all the DNA present on the base, Dr. T. hit upon the idea of trying to jam all of this DNA together to make something spectacular.  (NOTE:  That much was Robert's Idea, along with the paraphrased statement "I'm okay with whatever you come up with from there".  Everything after this is stuff I did with Dr. T. while Robert was in the Peace Corps and unable to participate in the game.).  In his online communication with other major scientists to gather data, Dr. T. came in contact with two other doctors of like mind...  Dr. Bond at the Sea Life Project, who was experimenting with marine DNA, and Dr. Le Coeur, a cloning specialist.  Dr. Le Coeur is the one who suggests a means with which to experiment with the DNA.  In Vol.2 Issue #5, as the characters return from Sea Life Project after defeating Dr. Bond, Dr. T. comes clean and calls them to Aquan Industries where monkeys (Courtesy of Dr. Le Coeur) have taken over.

Dr. T.'s experiment resulted in "Alpha", a super-powered being with with whom they must do battle at the base.  Last seen, Dr. T. was in custody of the government.  (I will let Robert know where Dr. T. is.)

GEOFF GARDENER - Steam Propulsion Robotics Expert

Player: Alan

Victorian era Steam Propulsion expert and inventor, Geoff Gardener worked primarily in building robots. But an experiment with time travel left him stranded in our era, where he continues his work, eschewing the integrated circuits and high speed processors of the day.

UPDATE:  In Vol.1 Issue #5, the team found a robot in the tunnels beneath the city; it resembled the types of robots GG does, but larger and in fact resembles plans that he had himself drawn up but never implemented long ago, before he traveled forward in time.  During Vol.2 Issue #3, GG encountered a sub of Jules Verne-ish styling with the head of a robot on board that resembled the type of stuff he used to make.  Later on, in the finale (V2 Issue 6) that when GG's time travel experiment happened, it only half succeeded.  In classic "transporter accident" fashion, he was split.  The well-meaning but somewhat intractable version of him is what the players have been working with; the bitter, vicious, conniving part was left behind.  Thinking the experiment a failure, GG (evil) has been developing robots and evolving over hundreds of years.  Of course now he's little more than a steambot body with an evil GG brain.  (GM NOTE:  I believe His defeat by the team has resulted in his capture.  I will have to verify this with everyone since the write-up for that game was never completed by me.)

HUNTER - Knife-Wielding Waif

Player: Michele

Raised in the tunnels beneath the city, an area called the Underneath (Or the 'neath), Hunter doesn't know a lot about who she is or where she comes from. After being caught committing theft, she was put in jail, but subsequently she was put on "work release" due to recommendation of psychiatrists who recognized her natural desire to protect people (something she had been doing below the city for her 'tribe'). She was put on active duty with the New Sentinels, at first with a "lojak" type of GPS locator implanted, with The Judge put in charge of monitoring her, but subsequently that has been removed, on her promise that she will return to do her work.

During an encounter with the Black Pope, he welcomed her and called her "Delilah". However, the Black Pope was destroyed before they could find out more.

UPDATE:  Found in the Black Pope's lair was a blade just like Hunter's.  In fact, when the two are put together they assemble a "shear" (Pair of scissors).  They function the same together as apart (Hand killing attack) and basically serve as a backup focus if she keeps them separate.

JUDGE LAW - Mentalist

Player: Jeff

Dubbed "Judge Mental" by his crime-fighting cohorts, he's an actual sitting Judge who has taken crime fighting into his own hands. While criminals he captures have to be tried by another judge, you can't get a much better witness than a judge. His attacks are primarily mental and actually can be quite lethal although no one has died from them yet.  (GM Note:  Barely!)

MERCURY - Liquid Metal Guy

Player: Mark

Made of a fluid metal, he is able to transform his fists, making the larger. Add to this one of the highest strengths in the game and a very high speed, and he's a dangerous enemy for any villain.

While most characters have had some part of their back story exposed during play, Mercury has not.  Does this mean there is none?  Unlikely.

MOMENTUM - Speedstress

Player: Alan

Veteran of the battle of Detroit, Momentum has come to move on from the loss of her husband.

ORLAND - A.D.D. GunKata Practitioner

Player: Robert

A young, shy man with strange attention swings, Orland is essentially a pistol-wielding hero.  He has strange precognitive flashes and is sometimes hyper-aware of his surroundings.  He has gaps in his past and doesn't fully understand his abilities.

UPDATES:  In Vol.1, Issue #2, while foiling a theft by a group of armored mercenaries called Blackstars, one of them refers to him in Russian as "Rook" and suddenly they're more concerned with taking him out than completing their mission.  In Vol.1, Issue #5, Orland was approached by a man who called himself "Bishop".  He asked Orland to "Come home".  It seems that Orland was trained in a branch of the KGB called Checkmate (шах и мат, phonetically: ); Since the collapse, the Blackstars, who were an armored branch of the military, have broken off to become an independent contractor.  There is a lot of animosity between Checkmate and the Blackstars, with the mercenaries doing anything to anyone for money and Checkmate mostly retaining more of an unofficial police authority.

RIFT - Anachronism, Chrononaut

Player: Jim

Rift is from the distant future, where he developed time travel equipment. He traveled back to this timeline to prevent the ending of his family line before he was born. Now stranded and armed with his "Manuals" of heroic action (Comic books), he fights the good fight with the Sentinels.

UPDATE:  Rift has encountered TACHyON, an intelligent hologram who claims to be broadcasting from "outside" the current time stream.  So far his advice has seemed to be of assistance.  He claims to be the creation of Rift's partner, whom RIFT does not remember.  TACHyON claims that the partner's existence has been erased successfully, much in the way that Rift came back to prevent himself from vanishing.  TACHyON says that he and Rift never met before Rift's jump back in time because TACHyON was invented after the jump.

(Yes, it's confusing.  Let's try it this way:  In the future, Rift and his Partner made a program then pushed it into a bubble where time does not change, then the partner's death in the past erased Rift's and everyone else's memory of him, except TACHyON, who now broadcasts holographically from his position outside our time stream, reporting on ripples and shifts caused by actions here.)

RODEO CLOWN - Durable Mime

Player: Who else?

Rodeo Clown is an actual Rodeo Clown-turned hero.  His durability and ability to drink heroic amounts of alcohol allow him to roll over opponents.

UPDATE:  In Vol.1, Issue #4, We've met one of his arch enemies, a fellow named Sharpshooter, a sort of Hollywood cowboy with a bone to pick.

THOK - Illithid Horror

Player: Mark

To Serve Man IS a Cookbook! Tentacled being from the stars, Thok is a traveler from a far off galaxy come to our planet originally to investigate our juicy brains. Unlike the rest of his kind, upon finding a collection of tasty cerebellums, he reported back that he found nothing. His affinity for humans has caused him to be ostracized by his race, banished to our planet, to live among the "cattle" he attempted to protect.

UPDATE:  Vol.2 Issue #6 (The "missing recap" that hopefully I'll be able to reconstruct) had the team arriving at Atlantis by submarine borrowed from the folks at the Sea Life Project.  There, Thok met an Illithid that predates him, when he was told he was the first.  This one was old, far older than illithid typically get, his brain swollen huge, and his skin turned green from his many decades below the sea.  Called "The Oracle", he says he made a similar choice to Thok's over a hundred years ago after crash-landing on Earth.  He was not sent to explore it, he's merely been a guest of the Atlanteans all this time.-


DUPLICITY - Multiple Man

Player:  Joe

Duplicity was granted power by an alien symbol of unknown origin that he discovered.  When struck the dual sides of his nature exert and he becomes two men.  Together or apart, they can cast beams of energy.  Before his parole to work for The SENTINELS, he was long abused by guards in prison, which created a deep antipathy toward them.  When the team had to act against The KEEP super-prison, he felt he could not be trusted to perform his duties without resorting to the uncontrolled rage he feels at such guards.  Upon the team's completion of that mission, Duplicity announced his retirement and turned in the symbol of his power.

It is worth noting that when the team arrived at Atlantis, the old, somewhat mutated Illithid who lived there said that "he had expected another" to be with them, "one who bears the Duality Symbol".  It seems it is the symbol from the language of an alien race that the Illithid long ago conquered (and promptly ate).

FALCON - Egyptian Sun Worshipper

Player: John

Falcon is possessor of an Egyptian item of power that allows him to fly and fire beams of pure sunlight.

VECTOR - High Speed Martial Artist

Player: Terry

Foil of bullies and a compulsive do-gooder, Vector is a speedster with Martial Move-Through maneuvers.

UPDATE:  (I don't expect to see Vector in use again, so...) Vector has relocated to another city to take over for his mentor, who is too ill to continue the good fight.



First Appearance: Volume 1, Issue #4

Anna Bellamy, young female martial artist, highly invulnerable with acrobatic skills and throwing stars.  Her estranged father is known to be Joseph Bellamy, aka Crucifier, aka Coffin Nail Joe, a well known villain with mental impairments that occur when off his medication and who is currently a resident at THE KEEP, super-prison.  She holds him responsible for the deaths of many people.  He holds her responsible for the death of her mother.  They do not speak.

Audra Blue

First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #1

Protégé of the late Nolan Brisbain, architect and humanitarian.  She was the tactical coordinator for the original team of SENTINELS.  Brisbain left her the base and equipment and a now-dwindling fund to support the base and its team.  She is a known (among the team and a few others) agoraphobic, confined to the base.  She's believed to be the world's pre-eminent hacker and cyber-security expert.

Her activities in Vol.1, Issue #7 have resulted in the city of Lazarus deciding to pull the team from the base in favor of their own super-base (See the Campaign Update page), and since The KEEP were a client, she is now viewed as unreliable or duplicitous by the business community.  Many clients have dropped her services, fearing that she's set up backdoors or would some day try to enter their data stores uninvited.

The "Bay Mermaid"

First Appearance:  Volume 2, Issue #3

Janine Halsey is a girl with incredible regenerative power and the ability to breath underwater.  She's been living in the bay where sightings of her have given birth to an urban legend about a mermaid living in the bay.  She is the one who discovered (and notified the team of) an old Jules Verne-style submarine which turned out to be of Geoff Gardner's design. 


First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #5

Yvgeny Tupolev may not be proven to be one of the good guys yet, but he has thus far proved to be a positive.  Born in the cold war, he was a part of the KGB's super-powered unit, Checkmate, rising to the rank of Bishop.  Not a lot is known about the internal structure of the organization, except that while Checkmate were performing secret ops, the Blackstar Brigade were the frontline militia units attached to the military, and while there was always unease between the two, now that the Soviet Union is gone, the Blackstars are mercenaries working for anyone who pays them while Checkmate appears to have splintered, many of their cells becoming hero teams.  The core of Checkmate still exists and often acts to intervene against the Blackstars.  While he has actively attempted to recruit Orland (who apparently reached the rank "Rook") back, without any strings he has assisted Orland in trying to control his abilities.


First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #6

Bridget Collins was discovered by the Materna who inhabit the underneath of Lazarus when she was assaulted by her husband on a subway platform.  It's unclear what happened next except that he was found dead and she vanished.  The wound left around her eye is the exact shape of the double null-set, symbol of the Materna.  They took her in as their own, seeing it as a sign, and subsequently she was shown during their testing to exhibit possible proficiency with the teleportation magics.  With some practice she became the group teleporter and has taken them around the world a couple times, though after the last time she took them away from danger, when she returned to them they were gone.  As they do not tend to leave traces of where they go, she believes she has been abandoned by them, as is necessary sometimes to keep ahead of things.

Alexandra Shaw

First Appearance:  Volume 2, Issue #1

Introduced only briefly, Alexandra Shaw was once known as the Tigress, an adventurer of stunning beauty.  She has long since retired, but works as an agent.  She has tried to contact members of the group about a reality show or finding them work in movies and tv.

(The) Doctor

First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #6 (mentioned)

The Doctor is actually named Harold Mitte.  He was a scientist working on the puzzle of extra-dimensional travel when he created a gap in time and space and an other-dimensional version of himself stepped through. The Harolds eagerly shared information with one another, Harold2 being totally unaware that Harold1 (ours) was an international criminal.  He spent decades testing his theories at the expense of anyone and everyone around him.  He once caused the crash of a jetliner (deemed "terrorism" by the authorities) in an attempt to use its speed, materials, and other factors to have it pass through a wormhole.  With all this knowledge secured, Harold1 subdued Harold2 and passed on into another universe using the technology Harold2 had brought with him.

Harold2 was captured by the authorities, tried and convicted of his heinous crimes that he honestly had no knowledge of.  The Black Pope, through various mystical prophetic means, determined the time and date that the end of the world would begin, and from various texts learned it was through the execution of a "non-being".  He mistook this as the Infinitum (who all go by names like Zero, Zed, Null, etc.) who are his enemies and came to Lazarus to see to their deaths.  However, there was a mistranslation and he determined that "non-being" might have meant an innocent.  He thought Harold2 might be that being.  He was right, even though his translation was still wrong.  Harold2 was a being who didn't belong to this world, and that was what the texts were trying to convey.  Would the world have begun to end?  We'll never know.  Just that TACHyON reports the time stream straightening out after the execution was averted.

The Doctor has been extra-dimensionally transported back to his own world from hence he came, with an admonishment to never travel back again.

The Furies

First Appearance:  Volume 2, issue #5.

Employed by PRIMUS, they are three super-powered, metal-winged women.  At this point the only interaction they've had with players was to tie up the scene at Aquan Industries after the team.

Dr. Wentworth

First Appearance:  Couch Potato's Email Adventures #1

Audra Blue's psychiatrist.  They don't always seem to be on the same page, as Audra has obvious deep trust issues that it doesn't take a shrink to diagnose.  The team has had little to no contact with her.  Couch Potato has been to her office, once.


First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #3

Lucretia is a former Australian national, acting undercover for INTERPOL and another unnamed agency in attempts to map the criminal underworld.  For two years she disappeared with only sparse sightings of her by her agency.  Being responsible for the arrest of over 200 people, and ultimately 15 major players in the criminal underworld, she has retired from undercover work.  She is a self-styled detective, contacted by word-of-mouth.  She is an expert gunwoman but does not carry a gun, being known to take guns from her opponents and use them against them with abilities guns should not be able to exhibit.

The Materna

First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #6

In the 4th Century, the band of demons called The Infinitum captured and kept human women as slaves so that through use of ritual they could birth their kind into this world. The Materna were encountered by a sorcerer named Eldritch who would centuries later be a member of the SENTINELS.  He showed select members the secret of magical teleportation.  The Materna used it to escape the Infinitum and have lived on the run from them for century after century.  The largest known group of Materna were in Lazarus, in the Underneath, where they lived in secrecy.  The Black Pope has sought them knowing that if he exterminates them then the demonic Infinitum can never enter this world; Zero has sought them so that he can father children with them and bring his brothers forward to conquer the world.

After spiriting the Materna away from trouble, Bridge returned later to find them gone without any notification as to where they were going.  Their whereabouts are currently unknown.  They are recognized by a symbol that is called the double null-set:  It's a circle with two vertical lines through it.


First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #5 (as Magdalene)

She claims to be the Greek muse, Calliope.  Beautiful and arrogant, she is a psychic who has the ability to inspire greatness in other people, sometimes by her presence, but even greater heights be more direct contact.  She and Audra Blue are not friendly toward one another.  Following her corruption by the Black Pope where she was turned into the villainous Magdalene, and her subsequent rescue by the team, she has "taken a step back" from the heroic game.  She lives in Greece on a private island.


First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #6

Now an elderly, retired hero, Paragon has long since given up use of his armor due to its drain on his physiology.  His daughter was a young hero named Aces High, best friend of Anthem.  She was killed by Anthem's father, Crucifier.  The SENTINELS did a good job of controlling the situation that informed Paragon of the circumstances of his daughter's death, else it might have been far deadlier than it was.

Uncle Slam

First Appearance:  Volume 1, Issue #1

Colonel Samuels is a legendary hero.  There are photos of him as far back as the American Civil War.  His prominence came in WWII when he became the poster child for patriotism.  During the great war the Nazis attempted to clone him, but the clone was put down by Sam with the aid of Paragon.  His service to his country continued until Vietnam when he famously resigned his commission during the war.  He has acted as the liaison to the current super-team of SENTINELS until recently when he was appointed acting head of PRIMUS, the government's own superagency.

During the (missing) Volume 2, Issue #6, the team traveled to the hidden city of Atlantis, at which point they met the ageless Queen, and her son, a young man who physically resembles Colonel Samuels.  The Colonel has recently done a 180 on running for office and declared his intention to run for the Presidency, much to the confusion of people who know him.