GM Notes:

Ravnica – Recent History

YEAR 9,965
The Schism forms over Utvara.  It was not known at the time, but this was the result of an attempt by the Izzit, under contract by some other source, to destroy all life in Utvara.  This was deemed the best way to remove the disease that plagued the area.  It is now believed that the Schism caused the disease to mutate.

YEAR 10,000
Decamillenial Celebration – The Golgari rise in force and attack the city center.  They corrupted the Quietmen, the servants of the Vitu-Ghazi , the city tree.  One of the great stone guardians in destroyed.  Their focus appears to have been the Vitu-Ghazi and the Boros headquarters.  Thousands were killed in the fighting.   Credit for defeating the leaders of this attack, presumably Savra, the Golgari guild leader, was given to a Wojek named Argos Kos.

Parhelion disappeared.  All of the angels, with one exception, left with their citadel.  The Boros Legion was forced to maintain order without the assistance of the angels.

YEAR 10,012
Magelord Zomaj Huac attempts to birth three dragon’s eggs in the reclamation zone known as Utvara.  Huac used the power plant called the Cauldron that he was responsible for to warm the eggs.  Huac used one of the dragons to attack Vitu-Ghazi, the Selesnya city tree.  He was stopped by Teysa Karlov, baroness of Utvara when she gained control of the only other dragon that survived.

Five Nephilim rose from Utvara and attack the settlement in the reclamation zone.  Niv-Mizzet arrived and fought with the Nephilim, ultimately leaving the battle while three of the Nephilim still lived.  The Nephilim moved into Ravnica causing tremendous damage.

Parhelion reappears in the Ravnican sky.  Despite the best efforts of a heroic Skyjek Wensluav, Parhelion crashed into Prahv, destroying the senate and many important, including the Grand Arbiter.

Rakdos rose again, only to be stopped at great cost by the Simic Guildmaster Momir Vig and what he called Kraj, his greatest experiment.

The Schism disappeared during these events, and Agyrem, a ghost city that looks like a near replica of Ravnica, floats high above the city.  It is almost as if a ghostly replica of the entire planet has been inverted over the city.

YEAR 10,026