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Mutants & Masterminds CASCADE (Formely FLASHPOINT).

We are 3rd level at the beginning of "Issue 2" of this campiagn.
By the stopping point on 10/10/20 for this run of the campaing 8 Power points and .5 skill points (2 dots of skills) have been awarded through game 16.  That makes you 53PP and raised skills by 2 dots.

Below are the news items Alan sent out following the first game...


July 4th – 2017 (Tuesday)

July 5th – 2017 (Wednesday)

Week 2 (July 10 – 15)

Notes from the facility on July 12th, from interview of Agents Utah and Walters. Recording agent Jones was not present because he was attending to Mr. Grimes clerk job at Food for Less. This is the reason for the brevity and incomplete nature of the notes that follow.

The facility was minimally prepared. The goal was to obtain blood and saliva samples from the “unusuals” for testing in an attempt to understand what, if any, physical changes may have occurred to them on Pulse Day. The two agents were assisted by civilian nurse Janet Avers.

All attendees were gathered. The first to be examined was Mr. Harvey. The exam was uneventful.

The second was Emily Houston. Emily apparently became agitated by the examination and was stuck to her chair by “moist strings like spider silk”. Samples were obtained, and Miss Houston was returned to the lobby. As described by Agent Utah, the presence of the girl in the lobby clearly agitated most of those waiting, and their agitation caused Emily to exude more of the silk and become more attached to her chair.

At the recommendation of Agent Utah, several of the “unusuals” were brought into the examination area. There was hope that being with others would reduce their apprehension. Miss Bolton, Mr. Watson, Mr. Stallings, and Mr. Grimes were brought together into the examination area.

Miss Bolton volunteered to be examined next. However, when nurse Avers attempted to draw blood she was unable to do so due to the harmful nature of Miss Boltons blue skin. The nurse then directed Miss Bolton to on how to draw her own blood and take her own saliva swab. However, when directed to take the stress test and apply the electrodes, Miss Bolton became violent. She was heard to exclaim “This is not my fault! It’s not my fault. I don’t deserve this.” She struck the nurse, knocking Miss Avers to the floor unconscious.

What can only be described as a violent battle followed. Agents Utah and Walters, with the assistance of Mr. Stallings and Mr. Grimes, managed to tie Miss Boltons arms, causing her to flee, but not before Agent Utah was dealt a blow to the head.

It was also noted that Mr. Greenwood entered the testing area along with Mr. Harvey. Seeing the struggle, Mr. Greenwood also became violent, apparently in defense of Miss Bolton. However, Mr. Harvey was able to calm Mr. Greenwood with his unusual ability.

Unfortunately at that point many of the others in the waiting room had left in their vehicles. Agent Walters deemed it best to end the examinations and the others were driven home.

July 14th, 2017

After conversations with Mr. Harvey, Mr. Stallings, and Mr. Grimes, Agent Walters has decided to ask these unusuals to assist in contacting others. It is clear that the F.B.I. does not have an acceptable protocol for this situation, and those affected by The Pulse in unusual ways are clearly defensive with members of law enforcement. It is believed by Agents Walters and Utah that other unusuals may be able to convince them to come in, or at least to give blood and saliva without coming to the facility. It is also hoped that we can establish some rapport with suspected unusuals through others of the same kind and allow us to a chance to prevent violence and control public perception of events.

July 23 (Sunday)

July 24 (Monday)

July 26 (Wednesday)

July 28 (Friday)

July 29 (Saturday)

July 30 (Sunday)

July 31 (Monday)

August 2 (Wednesday)

August 5 (Saturday)

Aug 7 (Monday)

Aug 8 (Tuesday)

8/17 (Thurs)

8/23 (Wed)

9/4 (Mon)

  • NEWS

    • Attacks on “Jokers” continued over the weekend. A half dozen incidents were reported of “Jokers” being badly beaten by people in crying baby masks. Two were admitted to local hospitals.


  • NEWS

    • After being held under sedation for more than a month, the two bank robbers arrested for breaking into four local banks have been awakened and there is currently a fierce legal battle over the rights of the accused. Local TV legal advisers expect that their rights were violated and they will be released.

9/7 (Thur)

  • NEWS

    • Anaheim Stadium was attacked last night by the Manbat. The monster swooped down into the stands and apparently bit a dozen people. Police say that those bitten acted rabid and starting fighting with others in the crowd. Dozens were injured, but luckily nobody was hurt. Several of those near the massive brawl say that they were saved by an “Ace” that they could barely see. Apparently the hero told them to hold still and somehow made it so they blended into the background while the fighting and the Manbat cause harm to those around them. The Manbat was also seen to have bitten a few dozen others scattered about the city. A dozen people were harmed, only two seriously.

  • NEWS - tangent

    • Over the last few days news pundits, social media, pretty much everyone across the nation is talking about the two bank robbers. Those that are related to the supremacist groups are justifying the attacks on jokers by saying that the system doesn’t know how to deal with them, or isn’t willing to deal with them. Others are obviously upset that their rights were violated (someone calls H.E.A.L. for comment on this). It seems pretty clear that no matter how the courts rule on this case there will be a high chance of violence.

9/9 (Sat)

  • NEWS

  • Attacks on Jokers continue throughout the county. Some reports of similar assaults are starting to show up in suburbs around the country. However, here in Los Angeles five people were found injured and tied up wearing the now infamous crying baby masks, with a note attached that read:

    • The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
      - Martin Luther King jr.

9/18 (Mon)

  • NEWS

    • The two suspected bank robbers, Dallas Shain and Zenia Sawtelle, were released when the courts decided that they had been held unlawfully when they were sedated for more than 30 days. Their lawyer says that a lawsuit against the L.A. police department is likely. Outside the courtroom violence erupted between protesters but was quickly put down by police.

9/21 (Thurs)

  • NEWS

    • Violence against jokers has increased dramatically. But so has resistance to that violence. Groups of jokers and a few aces have been seen fighting back. A dozen people admitted to hospitals over the last few days appear to have been victims of this violence, both jokers and unaffected. There have been reports of aces helping the jokers, some unreliable reports suggest that the recently released bank robbers are among them.