Father Patterson, Malkavian

Appears early 60's, gaunt, and typically wears a cassock and collar.  Wakes up every morning with his palms bleeding verifying his claim that he's a messenger of God.  Despite his religious conivictions, some of his past choices may have seemed questionable for the religious fervant although he easily explains his actions with the guile of someone born to convince. 

He didn't hold a title in the prince's court because he eschewed any title other than "Father", but he was a respected advisor and known for trading secrets.  He currently runs a website called Father P's Place that has his weekly blog of pious insites, a discussion forum that is typically frequented by those that can best be described as the devoutly peculiar, and a daily youtube link featuring cats playing musical instrument

Christopher, Salubri

Moira, Gangrel

In the Dark Ages game, Moira was an Irish girl who could see spirits (Medium merit).  Under Celtic mythology, Crows would ferry souls between the lands of the living and the dead.  As she was visible to both worlds, crows would congregate around her (Pied Piper flaw).  She joined the group when they encountered her along with a Viking and his crew on the shores England.

After the events of the last game, the crows stopped congregating around her, and she lost her ghoul in combat.  While she receded from the group for a while to a home she claimed on a small farm, it wasn’t long before she made her way back to the more central Lancashire, out of the isolation.

Moira is inoffensive to animals (merit).  She volunteered to the Prince to become liaison to the Garou, as most kindred don’t want to go anywhere near them.  While the merit does not cover being inoffensive to werewolves, I figure she’s on slightly better footing than most if the regular wolves don’t mind her.  So on the rare occasion that some sort of inroad needed to be made with the werewolves, she would be the one to go and speak on behalf of the prince or attempt to broker an accommodation.

In modern times, she started off by taking over a local street gang who she used for protection and as a “herd”.  The gang was ultimately destroyed by outside forces (rumor has it that a Garou took umbrage at their use of a wolf as a logo—the very symbol that led her to select them to begin with).  After that she spent the better part of a year living in a rundown church, and since has spent the last year living in a noisy sorority house on a local college campus.

Graves, (Clan Undisclosed)

Graves’ background is shrouded in mystery, as is his clan.  He has haunted graveyards around the world and is clearly more comfortable with the dead than the living (and half-living).  A few of you know he often deals with the spirits of the dead.  He is a curmudgeon who avoids trouble.  Graves is also quite ugly, looking much like the corpses he deals with.

In the modern era he has blood-bound mortuary owners so he can continue to work in peace.  He clearly pays no attention to the modern changes, and considers technology nothing but another form of Thaumaturgy usable by mortals.  He rarely leaves the graveyard except to hunt, and continues to walk around with his well sharpened spade.  In addition, his ghoul “Nogi”, is still by his side.  For someone who rarely leaves the graveyard, he has a lot of knowledge…

Farman, Lasombra

Farman has become a thing of shadow. Never seen close to dawn or dusk, and seldom seen at any other time. It is clear to all of you that he never much cared for the idea of hiding from humans, believing that they can be manipulated and dealt with from the shadows, even if they know exactly what we are. Because of this, he has had troubles in vampire society, but he has never been known to break the masquerade and even enforces its rules at the order of the Prince.

In the modern day he has strong alliances with the Nosferatu and Gangrel of the city and serves the prince as Sherriff. He clearly relies on his “deputies” to handle most issues and only interferes when he must. The arrival of a shadow in the presence of kindred that know they have gained the ire of the prince is often enough to make them confess and begin to beg. Clearly an affect that Farman has fostered over the years. He has been building his reputation as a thing of darkness. For those of you that know him, the fiction has long since become the man vampire.

When he is seen he is always in the shadows, wearing grey and black, and with a large dark floppy hat. He still carries multiple throwing axes and has not taken well to firearms or the trappings of the modern era. Clearly his deputies and ghouls handle all of his email.

Sayid, Brujah

Cassandra, Ventrue

Twin Sister of Melisandre, Toreador in the Dark Ages campaign.