Rayson Caphelon

Played by Robert

.Roy (Picture from Forum.RPG.Net

(Picture found online)

Character Concept:

Modern fighter who is out to see the world. He's well born, educated and well adjusted. (Rayson is an homage to my favorite character in the Order of the Stick - Roy.)


Rayson is a sharp looking, clean cut fellow with a short afro. He's clean shaven and a stylish dresser.


Rayson is fairly easygoing. He's interested in assembling a successful adventuring party, but he does not stress too much about it. He tends not to over think things, and is not very philosophical. Despite his roots he does not like to spend frivolously.

Background History:

Growing up he had a comfortable life with fine parents. He excelled at sports and especially enjoyed riding. The only really strange thing about him was his desire to leave to leave comfort behind in exchange for adventure. He would love to do something that would really impress his dad.


Already detailed in Jeff's write up.