Jenna Greytalc

Played by Michele


Young girl that is trying to make he own place in life while honoring her family and position. Dedicated friend to those she holds dear.  When she gets into physical conflicts, she is a torrent of wrath verbally taunting her opponent while attacking.


She has long fiery red hair with sparkling green eyes and a very pale completion. She is well dressed and tends to wear clothes that are easy to travel and spar in. She frequently carries a masterwork sword that has been passed down through her family. (Although the history of this sword has been lost.)


Jenna is a well educated, easy to like girl. She stays active and likes to quote from historical figures and poetry as the occasion demands. She is generally chatty. There is a deep sorrow within her that she tries to hide obviously dealing with the past trauma of her life. She likes reading and adventures with friends wherever the road may lead.

Background History:

One of 5 daughters born to a wealthy gem merchant expected
to be married off when of age, with a very small dowry as she was the youngest of 5. Unfortunately, her older sisters and mother were traveling when they were attacked and killed. (It has not been discovered what they were attached by, nor have all the bodies been recovered. This happened when Jenna was 5.) The oldest daughter was promised to a poor noble family - exchange of title for wealth, but since she has died that family has been pressing to have Jenna take her place. Jenna's father is reluctant to agree, as the son has turned out to be, well not so nice. Jenna's doting Father decided that Jenna should be trained to protect herself so she would not fall to the same fate as her sisters and Mother.