Mavin Lightfoot

Played by Mark

   Mini Mavin 2

Character Concept:

Primitive Huntress who is rejecting her tribal expectation to become the Shamaness.  She is as similar to a Patrin (Shapechanger) as I can make using D&D rules.


Mavin looks like a small beautiful native American with fey-like features and movements.  She has dark brown, almost black eyes, dark tan skin, long black hair tied in ponytail with eagle feathers, she is also covered with swirling silver and blue tribal tattoos.  She wears leather, beads, feathers etc.


Quiet, independent, stoic, self-reliant, charitable and active. Mavin is almost animalistic in her personality.  Generally, Mavin is quiet and listens.  She will give her opinion when asked but tries to keep it short and to the point , and while she is very charismatic and capable of convincing people she tries to limit her influence (my role playing challenge). She does however have a tendency to go off on her own to get things done. While she is not a loner and values working in a group, she quickly tires of talk and will move toward decisive action. When bored, but feeling tolerant of others, she sits down and continues some crafting project (carving wood, etc.).  She does not value material goods, but will take any share of a reward in order to give it to those less fortunate. 

Background History:

Mavin Lightfoot was born in the area located in the southern Wolf Nomads region, in a lightly-forested, grassy region near to Lake Quag (300 miles northeast of Krestible) as a member of the Thunder Eagle Clan, which is part of the Wolf Nomad Tribe.

While Mavin is trained to be a shaman, her heart lies in hunting.  She exhilarates in the hunt, tracking and killing her prey, and according to the rituals of her tribe, drinking the heart’s blood.  Her love of hunting has lead to some conflict between her mother and herself.  Mavin would rather be off tracking an elk in the hills or climbing the slopes following a hawk then remaining in the village tending to the sick or advising tribesmen about spirits.  While Mavin is the fastest runner in her tribe, she can often be careless and overlook important details, even while hunting or searching for game. 

Mavin Lightfoot has recently decided to leave the tribe, with her mother’s hesitant blessings, to explore the world.  She loves her family and tribe, but does not feel the drive to become the tribal shaman.

Instead, she wants to become a “Great Hunter” similar to those out of legend.  In particular, she has heard tales of Great Hunters who understood their prey so well, they were able to take their form.


Mavin was called by her elders into a vision lodge on the appropriate day to begin her trip into the world and find her purpose.

She experienced a vision quest, in which she saw a wolf spirit approach her with a cultural relic in its mouth – the Thunder Medicine Pipe, a short (2’ long) smoking pipe rumored to bring balance to nature and those breathing its aromas.  It is this pipe that the wolf spirit will lead you to, a relic that can bring back the harmonies and balance to nature and heal her tribe and the lands.