Copan Spiritwalker

Played by Jim

Copan Spiritwalker grew up wondering the wild planes of the world. The Horse tribe actively traveled following the great herds of wild animals and living off the land. Copan was marked from birth to be the tribal shaman due to his left handiness, grey eyes and because his grandfather (the retired spirit shaman) died at the time of Copan's birth. He grew up and was trained by his father to become the spirit shaman of the tribe. In order to prove his worthiness, Copan must complete a Vision Quest. He must find and bring back to his tribe the great horse spear of Chaquote foretold in his tribal legends. If he can do this, he will be anointed the tribal leader and Spirit Shaman of his tribe. In reality, Copan is only interested in leading his tribe so that he can marry his childhood love; Weeping Dove.

Copan's tribe is located in the southern Wolf Nomads region, in a forested portion of the Sepia Uplands." His land is located near Lake Quag, approximately 150 - 200 miles from Perrenland