Paul - "Bear" (Ninja)

"I will be doing the poor mans version of Bear Grylls."

Robert - Coyne

"I am meat shield. Based on a bargain basement version of The Rock."

Joe - Erik Baynes (Meat Shield or maybe not?)

Appearance:  5’10”; athletic; curly black hair that he wears short; puts the casual in casual wear; constantly drinks Red Bull; eyes often red if not Visene handy

Position:  Director of Facilities – his direct report is fantastic and really keeps the office properly equipped.  Erik goes to a lot of meetings, chats up the other directors and brings doughnuts to the staff.

Erik has been with the organization for 7 years now.  He was hired straight out of college because his frat brother at UT Austin owed him for winning a spectacular session of beer pong that got them both laid.  His brother ended up marrying the girl he bedded that night, and reciprocated by getting Erik an interview at the company where his Father was a VP.  He was hired into the facilities dept and made manager a year later when he discovered the current manager was stealing from the office and selling the items on eBay.  4 years later, he was made Director when the current Director moved to R&D.  He knows it had nothing to do with merit, but he had recently started giving archery lessons to the daughter of the VP of HR (after she read Hunger Games).  Fortunately, the promotion also came with his current subordinate who constantly makes them all look good.

He smokes weed at lunch and loves to bar crawl in the evenings.  At work, he tends to know everyone, loves laughing at the water cooler, and has a penchant for inappropriate pranks.  It’s landed him in the HR department on three separate occasions.  So far, HR has covered for him (see archery lessons above) but he knows he’s pushed his luck here. He just really doesn’t get it…none of the pranks are mean spirited and the staff think they are hysterical (he’s a bit of a working man hero since he only pranks management).  Apparently, some managers have sticks up their asses and have no sense of humor though.

In the past few months, he’s considered leaving and joining the Peace Corp.  He likes the idea of helping society…if it just didn’t seem like so much work to make the life changes.  Plus, he’d miss his gaming friends that he’s been hanging with for years.  Not to mention he has no connections in Belize where the Corp talked about sending him…where’d he get his weed?   

Jim - Doctor David Carver “Doc”(Cleric)

Doc started college as a wrestler and later transitioning to become a MMA fighter.  He was not very good at his chosen sport and got hurt a lot.  As such, he started learning how to patch himself up and learned medical skills. He enjoyed using this knowledge and changed his major from History to pre-Med.  Many years later, he become an Emergency Room Doctor and became very successful.  That was part of his downfall.

Doc started having free time and so spent many hours gaming with his friends and high-stakes gambling.  He greatly enjoyed playing cards, dice and other games of chance.  Soon, this part-time hobby became an obsession.  Eventually, he got into deep debt, lost his job, and his wife and two children left him.  After a few months of wallowing in this situation, Doc contacted his gaming friend, Phillip Cobbler.  Phillip help Doc get a job in the medical division of Pinacle Industries.  He has now been working for the company for a couple of years but still can’t kick his gambling addiction.

Alan - Conrad Squires (Spellthief)

Conrad has always been a disappointment to his father, wealthy and acclaimed COO of Pinnacle Industries.. After six years of barely surviving college without managing to get a degree of any sort, Conrad’s mother forced the old man to give him a job at his multinational company. So Conrad came to work in the mailroom. He is THE mailroom guy at the company HQ and has been there for almost three years. Technically a supervisor, though the only people he ever supervises are unpaid intern. They all love him as a boss, though. He sees all the folks in the various divisions and has managed to make a few friends, mostly from those with similar life goals as his own, to do as little work as possible. He is also very popular among the secretaries (he’s favors Executive Secretaries).

Conrad is a tall, wiry man with dark, curly hair. His blue eyes are rather stunning, and the ladies seem to like his looks and laid back style. He is 27 years old and this is clearly the first job he’s ever held for more than two months.  He has a collection of items taken from the office for which he has no use. He has convinced one of the secretaries to make costumes for him for his only real hobby other than smoking weed and steal petty things, mostly snack foods, from local grocery or convenience stores. He has taken to L.A.R.P.ing with a lot of enthusiasm, so long as he doesn’t have to do any prep work or anything else that seems like work. His favorite character is Darnoc the Spell Thief.

Mark - Phillip Cobbler (Beguiler)

Background:   Phillip Cobbler  25 30 Year old little person, standing less than 3’ tall.

Phillip has worked at Pinacle Industries for only a couple of years in the Human Resources department (though he has known the other PCs for longer).   Previously he was a Wall Street trader and originally did VERY well, but a couple of years ago he lost his fortune of some risky investments.  He is also recently divorced with 2 sons, James and Eric (11 & 9 4 and 2) but doesn’t have custody and only sees them infrequently.

Phillip is a gamer and a LARPer and is famous throughout the LARPing community.  He is a charmer and gets along very well with people, but only his closest friends (the other PCs) realize that he has a dark side, and can be very slimy.  He is very loyal to those within his circle, but those outside the “Tribe” are fair game.  He is a ladies’ man and most of the PCs think he has had a number of affairs, but nothing has ever been confirmed.  

Michele - Chumani Sato (Ranger)

Darren - Arch Stanton (Sorcerer)

Arch Stanton was the guitarist for the heavy metal band Mountain King before he was replaced.  They went on to make the million-selling hit "Sound of Rock", what the June 1988 issue of Kerrang! Magazine called "A derivative, uncreative, two-dimensional mish-mosh of three chord progressions and tin-can drums."  But at least they had a hit.  Arch spent the next few years kicking around various small-time bands before finally leaving the scene, doing odd jobs and playing pickup gigs filling in for others.

He wound up eventually as a driver doing long-haul between the various parts of Pinnacle Industries before they decided to dispense with the in-house trucks and hire a freight service.  With his job going away he had to grow up a little more.  But it helps that when he was in town, between T&T games, he'd drink with the facilities manager, who put in a good word.  He won the shipping department manager position, which is more responsibility than he ever wanted, but at least it's work.

His girlfriend, Tiffany, was a participant in the weekly geekfest Tunnels & Trolls games and she had been a big fan of the band Mountain King (or rather her dad had been and she had daddy issues) and he let her think he was the one who played on the album; this was good for a few months.  She dragged  Arch to a few games and to his surprise he enjoyed it.  Enough so that when Tiffany (who was half his age) started sleeping with someone else in the company much higher up and dumped him, he got custody of the game group as they didn't want her around.  (Who wants a pipeline to the top attending a game where you should be able to vent?)

He's pushing 50 and has got resemblance to Lemmy Kilmister from the band Motorhead, except (brown and gray hair, not black).  He's in good physical shape from all the lifting and moving, but has a severe smoking habit that makes his voice raspy and a penchant for jack daniels.