Player Characters: A role-call of the to-inevitably-be damned!

Josiah Cabot (Darren) - Ocean Fisherman, Guildsman, True Faith
Alec Steel (Alan) - Blacksmith/enchanter
Brother Simon (Joe) -  Monk/Priest, True Faith
Berg (Mark) - Viking former slave
Skard (Jim) -  Viking former slave
Prior Phillip (Paul) -  Church Prior, True Faith
Nigel (Tony) - Thief with Mason skills, Guildsman

Josiah Cabot (Darren)
  • Trade: Ocean Fisherman
  • Background: Guildsman
  • Origin: True Faith
Story:  A non-believer who lost his wife last year, Josiah pulled an enormous fish from the sea which turned out to have somehow ingested a hand-carved crucifix.  Pulling it from the gutted fish he at first didn't give it much thought.  Then he started to wonder about the circumstances that would have to all happen to lead to him on a Sunday while everyone is in church (which his late wife would have been were she still alive) pulling such a thing from the sea.