Tribal Lore (Recaps)

Digger (Jim), Chaucer (Joe), Illiam (Alan), Neverest (Paul), Squatch (Darren)

We were charged with traveling to Bardercenterville to pick up a replacement piece of the filtration system for our water.  We were given a bunch of trade goods (of which Apples seemed to be the most popular trade good) and a list of things we might want to get while out, plus a cart and a Rakox to pull it.

The trip there is not bad.  The only thing that comes at us is a flying eyeball (“Obb”) which we bother enough that it eventually flies away.  Camping goes okay; nothing attacks us.  A Bar-Lep (venus-flytrap lilypad) tried to lure us into it’s corrosive embrace.  We searched a ruin which had some bigass rats, which were promptly fried by fire-breathing Illiam.  Next day we hit town and find out the protocols.  From there we get into the inner trade area called Tradeton.  By now we are becoming aware that people are spying on us.  How?  Because people seem to know what we’re looking for or know the town we come from without us telling them.  Naturally this makes us paranoid.

What we hit on are a few different potential ways of getting what we want.  The one that sounds the most reasonable to us involves us acting as protection for a dignitary of the city as he travels south to an encampment where apparently he wants to negotiate with them about something they took during a raid earlier.

The only troublesome thing we come across on the journey is an machine.  It resembles a food truck we had encountered in a town, but this one is (spoiler) an military personnel carrier with an A.I. Piloting it.  It rolls up and says to state new operating parameters.  Being simple folk we just shrug and look at each other.  It singles out Digger who doesn’t know what to tell it.  Squatch says, noticing the big open bed, maybe it can give us a ride?  It does.  We get a ride straight to the encampment and it lets us out.  There are scary, potentially deadly, flying machines around.  We go into he building and meet with the other guys.

They have more numbers (We are the 5 of us, one city official, and two guards; They have 8 guards and 4 officials and a chief).  Our guy and their guy get into an argument.  Things start to calm down when Illiam asks that they calm down, but then out of nowhere, our official whips out a pistol using quickdraw and blasts the head of their guy clean off, just vaporizing his noggin.  As everyone stands there stunned, he raises the gun and takes his own skull.  Seems he’d had a daughter that was killed by their raiders not long ago.  He convinced the town to send him there on a mission of recovery only this was his real objective (as shown by the fact that the only thing in his bag was a chest with a suicide note in it).

We try not to start anything, but half of their guys move in for attack.  Squatch goes non-lethal.  Illiam can’t set them ablaze because it’s all to integrated with us.  We beat up enough guys that they stop and we agree to part ways with them, no foul.  When asked why they don’t just try to get along with the city they reply, “It’s what we do.”

We bring back that gun and get a ride back to the city.  We exchanged the gun for the part we need, trade a bunch of other crap, pick up some things like a medikit and some other medical supplies, and a solar cell recharger.  We had one more fight with a free-range appliance.  Once defeated we get a blaster rifle off of it.  We’ve got one piece of legit nasty tech.

So, a few fights, lots of negotiating, some searching of ruins, and all-in-all a pretty good balance.